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FIFA could be renamed EA Sports FC and fans are not hyped about it

FIFA could be renamed EA Sports FC and fans are not hyped about it

In a recent press release for the launch of FIFA 22, vice president Cam Weber revealed that EA Sports are conisdering the possibility of changing the name of the popular, long-running football video game series.

He made it clear that it would not affect other licenses to do with the game but just the title itself. This means that the licenses for clubs, leagues, players, and countries are expected to remain unchanged.

EA and FIFA first partnered up for the series in 1993 and have seen the release of an annual FIFA game every year. It has become one of the best-selling and most well-known franchises of all time.

The recent news about having to change the title comes from the speculation that FIFA wants to double what they charge EA Sports for the license ($1 billion for every 4 years) and restrict the developers from monetizing content beyond the game itself.

This begs the question of what the new name for the franchise could be. The company has already trademarked the name ‘EA Sports FC’ and it is reportedly what they want to label the series when the decision is made – which is expected by the end of the year.

A potential name change for FIFA games has stirred up a slew of reactions from the fans and most of them are not happy.

These two fans are none too pleased about it.

This fan sees the funny side of it.

Does this one have a point?

A bunch of suggestions were made by this fan.

It is easy to see why changing the name of one of its most popular franchises could be detrimental to EA Sports. The fans would be hoping that an agreement is reached between FIFA and the developer as FIFA 22, the most recent game from the franchise, has been met with positive reviews.