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The hair physics on Next Gen FIFA 21 is out of this world good

The hair physics on Next Gen FIFA 21 is out of this world good

FIFA 21 launched on Next Gen consoles earlier this month, and it would not be an understatement to say that the graphics embedded are truly out of the world.

The detail put into player appearance is incredible, as fans on Twitter have pointed out the very nearly life-like nature of their favourite footballers in the game.

Certain eagle-eyed fans in particular, have noticed the hair physics on the Next Gen version of EA Sports’ annual football game as it has left their jaws hanging.

Hairstyles of most players on the game are incredibly accurate and almost look life like, with “strand based hair modelling” being brought forward as a new ‘Next Gen’ feature.

There is extraordinary detail involved as every strand on the footballers’ hair is modelled to move naturally. Texture has been added to hair as well, as one can now easily see players’ hair rippling and flying from all the movement on the pitch: something that had never been done in the game before.

Fans have cited the instance of Manchester United forward Edinson Cavani in the game: Cavani’s flowing locks in the game do complete justice to the Uruguayan striker’s iconic hairstyle for a number of years now.

The release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X undoubtedly got FIFA players around the world excited about new gameplay improvements that live up to the name ‘next-gen’.

Whether the gameplay has improved or not, the graphics involved have definitely been a shining beacon of light in the ‘Next Gen’ edition of FIFA 21: as it might as well turn out to be a stepping stone for more incredible, revolutionary detail to be embedded within video game graphics for years to come in the future.