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Look: Cristiano Ronaldo Shows Signs of Age With Greying Hair

Look: Cristiano Ronaldo Shows Signs of Age With Greying Hair

Cristiano Ronaldo is not only an iconic footballer but a style icon for many – mainly due to his excellent physique and impressive hair. The 38-year-old has kept himself in unbelievably fit shape as the years have gone on and has been the fashion guru for many teenagers and his biggest fans.

Over the last decade or so, many boys around the world have tried to replicate Ronaldo’s hairstyles. Cristiano has changed up his appearance time and again, going from the spiky hair at Manchester United to his ‘noodle hair’ form at Real Madrid – which is considered a big part of his peak.

The Portuguese forward likes to keep himself in top shape and also his appearance intact too. His good looks are a reason behind Ronaldo bagging so many lucrative endorsement deals over the years. But it appears that father time has finally caught up with Cristiano and his age is starting to show – a month or so after his 38th birthday.

Fans spot greying hair

Cristiano is currently focused on helping Al Nassr win the Saudi Pro League title and scored an amazing free-kick in their previous game too. Ronaldo is not taking the challenge lightly, even though it probably doesn’t compare with the competitiveness he used to face at Real Madrid or Manchester United.

Ronaldo is working as a team player and using his experience to act as a leader for his squad. He seems to have gelled with his teammates really well and is having a lot of fun with his new life in Saudi Arabia.

But it appears that Cristiano isn’t that bothered about his aging anymore and is embracing the fact that the is nearing the end of his iconic career. In a recent training picture of Al Nassr, Ronaldo can be seen interacting with his teammate Talisca.

Amid all this, some fans with an eagle eye have noticed something rather surprising about his appearance. A close-up of Ronaldo’s face shows that white hair is growing at the side of his head, near his left-ear region.

Normally, footballers like to cover any presence of white hair by dying colors over it – but it doesn’t look like Ronaldo is that bothered or sensitive about his age anymore. Normally, people start growing white hair into their late 30s and Cristiano is not really a super-human in this regard.

How fans reacted to the new salt and pepper look from Ronaldo

Most of his fans are not really surprised to see white hair on Ronaldo’s hairline, because it’s a very natural thing that happens to everyone around the globe.

Some fans are hilariously trying to defend it by claiming that they got their first white hair in their early 20s and at a very young age in their lives. Some are assuming that there is a good chance that Ronaldo has even more white hair and ends up dying over it normally.

Despite growing some white hair, Ronaldo still looks very good for his age and it’d be difficult for a person unknown to his situation to predict that he’s 38.

The Portuguese forward is currently heading into the March International Window in the hope of further increasing his tally as the highest goal-scorer in international football history and breaking more goal-scoring records before hanging up his boots.