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Mikel Arteta And Arsenal Players Look Unrecognizable In FIFA 23

Mikel Arteta And Arsenal Players Look Unrecognizable In FIFA 23

With each passing day, we get closer to the global release of FIFA 23.

This also means that with each passing day, a new piece of information comes out about the game that just absolutely baffles the players. 

The FIFA games have always been hailed for their graphics. They go through a painstaking procedure to scan every player and manager’s face to get the best and most detailed result for the game. 

This year, with an increased focus on hair physics, players like Lionel Messi have had an incredibly realistic design, which can be seen in this comparison from last year. 

EA employees setting up equipment to capture face scans

The same, however, cannot be said for Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta.

Arteta is bringing about a revolution of sorts for the Gunners, but EA might have missed it since they clearly put very less effort into making his face. 

Arteta and FIFA clearly do not have the best history, and this further aggravates it.

For creating these face scans, EA uses an ingenious camera set-up.

The footballer sits in a movable production chair, where a number of pictures are taken simultaneously by the cameras, all at their highest resolution. 

The next step is photogrammetry, which involves converting the photos into digital form, which is the face scan.

Not all players or managers have their faces scanned through this method. So it is possible that Mikel’s face was not scanned at all.

If it was scanned, then it’s also possible that maybe something went wrong when Mikel sat in that chair, or it’s possible that EA just made an error while creating the face, but either way, something is clearly off. 

It’s even more surprising to see Mikel Arteta get such a shoddy face after fictional character Ted Lasso‘s incredibly accurate game face was released

Arteta has had a rough history with game faces ever since he became manager.

Back in FIFA 21 too, he had a very questionable face scan.

However, even that was far more identifiable than what is on the latest edition.

Arteta in FIFA 21

Considering how similar Arteta’s face has been throughout his player and subsequent manager career, it is surprising to see why they haven’t just used his scans from when he was a player.

Here he is in FIFA 16, almost 7 years ago, looking more accurate than ever.

Okay maybe not as accurate as ever, but definitely a big jump from FIFA 23.

Arteta is not alone in this failed face design. It seems that the entire Arsenal squad have been “disrespected” by EA.

Gabriel Magalhaes
Ben White
Fabio Vieira and Emile Smith Rowe

If the names weren’t mentioned, it would be very difficult for the players themselves to identify who they are. 

Some Arsenal supporters believe EA deliberately ridiculed their club to make a statement, given that Konami (PES) and Arsenal currently have a formal partnership in place.

Either way, it will be a hard time playing with Arsenal in the game when none of the players looks like their real-life counterparts.