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Sydney Leroux Exposes FIFA 23 Bald Glitch Controversy

Sydney Leroux Exposes FIFA 23 Bald Glitch Controversy

EA’s FIFA series and glitches are a never-ending story.

Every year the developers promise to deliver a game free of glitches, and every year they fail to deliver on their promise. This year has been no different.

In what is supposed to be the last rendition of nearly a quarter-of-a-century-long video game series, FIFA has continued to feature some of the whackiest glitches in the gaming world.

Ranging from the infuriating bugs in the Online mode to the infamous “bald and eyebrowless players” glitch, EA hasn’t managed to disappoint those who keep waiting for such hilarious bugs to have a good laugh at.

Continuing the trend in the latest update of FIFA 23, the developers have made a mockery out of themselves with the latest character designs.

In the update that featured the introduction of women’s football in the game, the developers included the UEFA Women’s Champions League and the National Women’s Soccer League along with 12 teams from the U.S. League.

However, it appears that the introduction has not gone well with pro footballers who’ve been included in the game themselves.

Sydney Leroux, the American forward who currently plays for Angel City F.C., has been one of the biggest critics of the game and its character designs.

Reacting to the update, Sydney pointed out the disastrous character models that have been depicted in the game by EA Sports.

Sydney took to Twitter to express her frustrations regarding some of the character models in the game as she wrote, “I know you expect women to just be thankful and grateful that you’ve given us a little sliver of publicity but please stop wasting our time. Some of us are bald”.

She went on to continue with her rant as she took jabs at EA Sports, as she tweeted, “Please tell me I did not do an entire body scan for that.” “You’re going to scare my children,” wrote the Olympic gold medalist.

Other footballers joined her as well. Canadian goalkeeper Kailen Sheridan shared a picture of her in-game model from FIFA 23 as she took shots at her poorly modeled hair design.

American defender Sarah Gorden who recently joined Angel City F.C. mocked her speed stats listed in the game and accused the developers to have never watched an NWSL game.

Maddison Hammond and Caprice Dydasco also ridiculed EA Sports for their unrealistic character designs which do not resemble the footballers’ actual selves by a mile.

It is quite shocking to see how poorly modeled some of the characters are in the latest update of FIFA 23.

Over the years, EA Sports has been widely acclaimed for designing some of the best-looking games in the world of gaming. At the same time, FIFA has featured some below-par character models every year.

On one hand where FIFA 23 features the inch-perfect models of Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé, dreadful character models of the likes of Sydney Leroux, Mikel Arteta, and many others come up as a hard pill to swallow for FIFA enthusiasts.

It’s a mystery how the game developers have managed to butcher up the in-game models this poorly even after the use of facial scanning and movement capture technologies.