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Basketball in FC 24: Everything We Know About The Calf Dribble and Trickster Plus Glitch

Basketball in FC 24: Everything We Know About The Calf Dribble and Trickster Plus Glitch

The world of EA’s football video games (this annual instalment has had a branding change) never ceases to surprise. From the electrifying commentary moments of “it’s in the game” to those last-minute victorious goals against friends, it’s a rollercoaster.

But EA’s FC 24 takes the cake with glitches more entertaining than the gameplay itself. If football is the ‘beautiful game,’ then FC 24 is like that awkward kid in art class who thinks glue is a type of condiment.

The Calf Dribble: When You Skip Leg Day But the Ball Doesn’t

Ever thought the ball loves your calves more than your feet? EA has you covered with the “calf dribble.” It’s like your calf went on a date with the ball, and now they’re inseparable.

“Why is the ball sticking?” you may ask.

Because, my friend, EA is all about those magnetic relationships.

Why Play One Sport When You Can Break Two?

Okay, I’ll just quote @DagnalDiagonal here because nothing tops the comment: ‘She’s not even dribbling the ball with her hands; she’s breaking the rules of TWO sports!’

Running with the ball stuck to your HAND in a football game? Why not! In EA’s universe, the boundary between sports is as thin as their quality control.

Perhaps they still have not recovered from 2K taking over the NBA franchise all those years back!

Gofeng’s Guide: How to Exploit EA’s Generosity

Outscoring skilled opposition in Ultimate Team is getting tougher every game

But worry not! @Goffeng_Trader has blessed us with a tutorial on how to master the glitch, ensuring you’re unstoppable on the pitch. Before the detailed guide, he laments,

“EA FC 24 has totally broken the game.”

Now, if only EA could patch our real-life problems as quickly as they (don’t) patch their games.

In case you’re interested:
First, ensure you have a player with the Trickster+ play style (like Neymar, Ronaldhino, Rolfo, Allan Saint-Maximin) on your team – only they can use the move needed to trigger the glitch.:

  • Hold L2/LT + press Square/X + press Cross/A to use the Catch and Spin skill move.
  • Hold R1/RB + press Square/X and then press Cross/A to use a fake shot.
  • Hold L1/LB+R1/RB and L2/LT+R2/RT to do a super cancel.

Reddit: The Sanctuary of the Disheartened

As usual, Reddit is the go-to place for collective therapy.

Fans gather, share their sob stories, and find solace in each other’s glitch-induced pain.

One Redditor bemoaned how tackling a glitched player felt like trying to unsee all of EA’s past mistakes – impossible.

The Downward Spiral of EA’s FC 24

As the ‘Trickster glitch’ wreaks havoc in FC 24, players are treading carefully in the Weekend League’s Division Rivals and Ultimate Team modes. EA’s solution? Bench the Trickster+ playstyle temporarily.

FC 24 might be draped in humour, but it’s a comedy the gaming community didn’t sign up for.
Despite being a giant in the industry, EA seems to be perfecting the art of “it’s so bad, it’s good.”

The numbers don’t lie. FC 24’s launch sales have taken a hit compared to its predecessors.
While EA cites branding changes as a factor, it’s clear the game’s quality plays a role.
Still, it managed to pull 11.3 million players globally in its initial weeks.

However, controversies overshadow these figures.

From the $30 Ultimate Team pack released before the game’s official launch to its endless list of glitches, EA ensures gamers always have something to chat about. For better or worse, EA’s consistency in sparking discussions remains unparalleled. Thanks, EA, for keeping things… interesting.