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Sergio Busquets lifts Adama Traore on his shoulders in bizarre eFootball glitch

Sergio Busquets lifts Adama Traore on his shoulders in bizarre eFootball glitch

Over the last two decades, both FIFA and PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) have provided football fans with the ultimate platform to relive and recreate their favourite moments from the beautiful game right from the comforts of their homes. Furthermore, the last five years have seen significant improvement in gameplay and graphics for both these games with in-game footage looking almost like a live match being telecasted.

However, at the same time, these improvements have also come with rare glitches for both FIFA and PES editions, especially during online events.

Just in the latest edition of FIFA 22, there were numerous glitches such as a free-kick being placed right in front of the goal instead of in front of the defensive wall, the goalkeeper not appearing for a penalty kick and unrealistic save attempts that defy laws of physics from opposition goalkeepers.

Just like FIFA, it looks like PES, which is now called eFootball, too has given rise to a hilarious glitch after the latest update. A user recently shared an experience of seeing Adama Traore being lifted on the shoulders of Sergio Busquets during a goal celebration sequence.

With his bulked up, athletic physique Traore is quite easily a study figure to defend against as revealed by Rob Holding who famously accused him of being built like a brick sh*thouse. In contrast, Busquets while being one of the sharpest defensive midfielders in football with his knowledge and skill, he is one of the less muscular players in the game.

Although there is only a 10kg difference between the two Barca players’ weights, it is highly unlikely that the Spaniard would be able to hoist Traore up on his shoulder and wheel away in celebration. This unrealistic glitch has left football fans amused with the in-game dynamics that defied logic to celebrate a Barcelona goal.