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EA Sports Teases New Marvel Collab Coming to FIFA 23, Here’s What We Know

EA Sports Teases New Marvel Collab Coming to FIFA 23, Here’s What We Know

After almost 30 years of faithful service to football fans, EA Sports announced the release of their latest and final FIFA game on Wednesday. FIFA 23 will be the final game that will be made in collaboration with the football governing body FIFA following which any subsequent version produced will be called EA Sports FC.

The announcement confirmed a lot of exciting features for the latest edition which is set to hit the market in September for all platforms.

Cover stars Kylian Mbappe and Sam Kerr were both spotted in the in-footage of FIFA 23 that uses Hypermotion 2 to offer superior gameplay and realistic mechanics for not just player movements rather also for free kicks, penalties and corners.

EA Sports have also worked on in-game content with fresh additions such as the ‘FUT Heroes’ which seeks to bring back fan favourite names who have gone on to have successful careers while also being cult figures. Three Premier League Heroes have been revealed so far in Yaya Toure, Park Ji-Sung and Ricardo Carvalho who will all be available as playable items in Ultimate Team.

While the gaming giant has been cautious with giving away major details about the milestone final game, it looks like a ground-breaking feature has found its way out thanks to a leak online.

A leaked poster of FUT Heroes that has emerged online reveals that EA Sports will be collaborating with entertainment giant Marvel for the latest version of the game. While at first glance it could be dismissed as a fake, the poster leaked on Google Images could be traced back to EA Sports’ official website for FUT Heroes. This confirms the leak to be from an official source.

Right next to the FIFA 23 logo, the emblem of Marvel can be spotted in the leaked poster and this revelation has sent FIFA players into a great frenzy.

As there is no news of the exact nature of the collaboration, fans wonder now if they could soon be seeing Marvel characters take the field in the game, with Thanos playing at CDM or Hulk at centre-back for particular game modes.

With the decision to sever ties with FIFA, the gaming company would have more freedom to create, and perhaps having the Avengers as playable skins as on Fortnite, could become a reality in the future.  

For now, it is more likely that fans of the game would be able to use Marvel-inspired kits or badges in FIFA 23 thanks to this collaboration.

While those at the offices of EA Sports would not be pleased with this unfortunate leak of such a crucial feature, this has now left football fans with numerous questions about the future of their beloved game which looks set to witness some serious changes.