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Meet Adam Pearson, the Newcastle YouTuber Even NUFC Players Can’t Ignore

Meet Adam Pearson, the Newcastle YouTuber Even NUFC Players Can’t Ignore

Through the magic of the internet, fans are closer to their beloved clubs than ever. In fact, put enough effort in and one might become a recognised figure online, and even build a rapport with their favourite club. 

A prime example is Mark Goldbridge, the popular YouTuber who is a well-known creator, whose primary focus has always been Manchester United. Considering his massive following, saying the club are aware of his existence would be an understatement, especially since he’s also a presenter at TalkSPORT

And by the likes of it, another such footy-based YouTuber is following in his footsteps. 

The individual in question is Adam Pearson, an avid Newcastle United fan, who’s quite popular with the Toon Army.

Hailing from Wallsend, Pearson launched his YouTube channel almost 7 years ago, and the focus from the beginning was on The Magpies. The sheer effort put in by him is truly admirable, as he became a regular at St James’ Park, and even greeted the players outside the training centre. 

Pearson also travelled overseas when the Toon did, ensuring that his presence is a must whenever and wherever Newcastle take to the pitch. 

His love for The Magpies, paired with his tendency to create some unintentionally hilarious moments made him a hit in the fanbase.

After reaching the milestone of 5,000 subs, he transitioned into a full-time YouTuber, tirelessly covering the activities of the club.  The figure perfectly illustrates his progress, as, within 9 months of going full-time, the YouTuber garnered 29,500 subscribers, while his Twitter follower count sits at 12,800.

Pearson’s most watched videos include a vlog in which he camped outside Darsley Park for a whopping 11 hours, just to catch a glimpse of Eddie Howe after his first training session with the club. 

He further earned fame after being kicked out of St James’ Park during a U-23 game, for recording the match despite regulations stating the opposite. Fans ended up siding with the YouTuber, and famously devised the chant, ‘We want our Adam back’. 

It seems even the players have begun to take notice as exemplified by this clip which displays Mark Gillespie calling Pearson a ‘Top shagger’. Make of that what you will.

Newcastle are currently touring Europe for pre-season and recently landed in Portugal to prepare for their game against Benfica. Naturally, Pearson has been following the caravan, after Austria and Germany, he’s all set to arrive in Lisbon before the friendly. 

The YouTuber responded to a tweet by the club’s official account, confirming his presence for the upcoming game.

The club’s account surprisingly responded in kind, marking a special moment for Pearson, as he was officially acknowledged by the club itself.

By the looks of it, Newcastle United essentially have themselves an unofficial ambassador.