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22/23 Arsenal Away Kit Breaks All Sales Record on Launch Day

22/23 Arsenal Away Kit Breaks All Sales Record on Launch Day

No one could have predicted how Arsenal has handled negotiations in the ongoing summer transfer window. 

Gabriel Jesus, Fabio Vieira, Marquinhos, and Oleksandr Zinchenko will now don the colours of Arsenal and become the new flag bearers of Mikel Arteta’s renaissance at the club. 

It is commendable that despite failing to achieve a top-four finish last season; the Gunners were able to nail down some heavy-duty prospects. The mood is jubilant among the fans and the club has ensured to keep it that way by releasing their away kit for the 2022/23 season. 

The jersey made by their sponsor Adidas has enchanted the Arsenal fans, who will shell out any amount of money to get their hands on it. 

It has black as the base colour with three grey stripes on each shoulder but what stands out and glitters is the Emirates logo and the name of the player on the jersey imprinted in metallic gold that outshines every kit out there. 

Such was the pull and charm of this new away kit that it outsold all other Arsenal jerseys on the release day. The reported sales were almost £1 million, and the rave reviews only brought more fans to the store, giving a major boost to the relationship between Arsenal and Adidas.

But there were allegations by some fans of replicating Real Madrid’s old away kit by removing the pink colour on the front and back and adding the metallic gold. Also, the jersey was priced at an exorbitant rate of £70, which only gave second thoughts to some fans about buying it and automatically made more money than a moderately priced kit. 

The away jersey is a hit. You can sugarcoat it by stating that it was inspired or ripped off from some other jersey, but for now, the fans are behind it and will pay any price to get their hands on it.

Arsenal is on a winning streak in their pre-season and will look to continue the same in this majestic new jersey that imbues class over anything else.