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Even Dejan Kulusevski Has Had Enough of Harry Kane’s Free-Kicks

Even Dejan Kulusevski Has Had Enough of Harry Kane’s Free-Kicks

Tottenham Hotspur seems to be enjoying life in South Korea. After a heartwarming welcome in Seoul a few weeks ago, the team has recorded a thumping victory in their first pre-season encounter against K-League XI and a draw against the Spanish side, Sevilla.

In the spare time on the tour, it is also expected that the players interact with fans, show up for exhibitions and even tend to media from time to time. And one such rendezvous with an entertainment show in Seoul has brought a straightforward answer to a certain burning problem that has plagued the team for some time.

Dejan Kulusevski, Ryan Sessegnon, Ben Davies, and Son Heung-min were present as a panel on this show that included a quirky Q&A. The Swedish winger, Kulusevski, was asked a rather pertinent question that could have soured his relationship with star striker Harry Kane. But being his playful self, Kulusevski answered a tricky question with much clarity.

The interviewer put Kulusevski in a tough spot when she asked the Swede to pick a player to take a free kick when the score was tied at `1-1 with only three minutes left in the game. 

Kulusevski took the mic and with a hearty smile praised Harry Kane as one of the best strikers in the world before stating that it should be Son who should take up the responsibility of free kicks. Son, who was next to the Swede, couldn’t help but laugh at the honesty of his teammate.

But it’s not a new notion. The Spurs fans have echoed Kulusevski’s voice since 2018 and believed that the Englishman falls short in converting free kicks. 

But it looked like Kane watched this brief clip from Kulusevski ahead of the match against K-League XI and took matters into his own hands. In the 75th minute, Kane stood over the ball just outside the opposition box and stuck it with sheer power to score his second of the night. 

The ball took a deflection while on its way to the back of the net, but since fortune favours the brave, Kulusevski’s statement might just have given Kane the edge that he had been looking for. 

Spurs are now on course to play Rangers FC and AS Roma after a win and draw against K-League XI and Sevilla. Needless to say that Kane scored in both matches.