The reason why Mark Goldbridge joining hands with Talksport is surprising

In a surprising yet predictable fashion, YouTuber Mark Goldbridge has joined popular sports radio TalkSPORT as a presenter. 

One could’ve guessed that it wouldn’t have been long before Goldbridge was snapped up by a major channel for his immense following. 

Boasting 4 YouTube channels carrying sizable popularity, with content ranging from gaming to football, Mark Goldbridge is essentially a football influencer. 

His presence is sure to increase the audience of any broadcast, hence hiring him is a viable move. 

While his content centres around his beloved Manchester United, he also tunes in to the matches of other teams and regularly streams on his channel.

Reactions to the announcement were mixed, which relates directly to why the move came off as surprising. 

In the past, Goldbridge has been vocally critical of TalkSPORT and has denounced the opinions of the featuring pundits. In a tweet dating back to April 2021, the YouTuber even boldly stated that he wouldn’t feature TalkSPORT ever again.

Naturally, when the announcement of his inclusion came out, fans burrowed out these tweets and projected him as a hypocrite.

Fans have even suggested that his United fandom is a facade, created for the sole intention of earning popularity. 

In response, Goldbridge clarified that his role will be limited to being a presenter and that the station is aware of his opinions.

 The discourse continues to develop, and his first show on Friday is certainly going to be an intriguing one.