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Ishowspeed Gets Swatted Mid-Stream After Calling 911 Prank

Ishowspeed Gets Swatted Mid-Stream After Calling 911 Prank

Popular YouTuber and streamer Ishowspeed, who has undergone a meteoric rise through a string of bizarre viral moments, was in the news once again. 

The Ohio resident earned fame in the Footy world through content centred around the game, such as FIFA streams and even hilarious training footage. The number of popular clips starring Speed are countless and he inadvertently became the star of another one. 

During his spell as a content creator, the YouTuber has earned a notorious reputation for overblown antics and erratic actions. 

This is typified by an instance dating back to last month when the streamer lit firecrackers in his own room and created a commotion, which eventually led to local authorities getting involved. 

His bizarre methods also include dialling up 911 for extremely trivial issues, such as losing on FIFA or being ganged up on in the popular platformer Fall Guys. You don’t need us to tell you that phoning the cops is a bad idea, especially since unnecessarily calling the authorities is deemed to be a criminal offence. 

Well by the looks of it, Speed’s antics came to bite back, as the YouTuber was shockingly arrested by a group of officers, and the altercation was even recorded live.

It all occurred during his latest stream, which included a FIFA session, some fan interactions and burning a PS4. Business as usual then. 

However, what followed was far from standard, as numerous officers arrived at his residence and subsequently handcuffed the YouTuber.

 This certainly looked to be no prank or ploy, as both, Speed and the cameraman, appeared shocked. The cameraman can also repeatedly be heard saying, ‘they swatted you bro, they swatted you’, which gives us an indication of what likely occurred. 

For the unversed, ‘Swatting’ is the act of dialling in fake threats to the authorities, in order to land the targeted individual in trouble. These calls are often said to be ‘pranks’, but evidently, are quite serious. 

After almost a day of radio silence, the YouTuber shined some light on the incident through a tweet and confirmed that he was raided.