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Even Aaron Ramsdale And Bruno Fernandes Know Who Ishowspeed Is

Even Aaron Ramsdale And Bruno Fernandes Know Who Ishowspeed Is

Viral YouTuber Darren Watkins aka ‘Ishowspeed’ continues to climb the ivory Towers of internet fame, and fans are getting a gauge of exactly how popular the streamer is. 

The devout Ronaldo fanboy earned his fame on the back of several viral clips, which display him indulging in hilarious and often bizarre antics. The YouTuber’s knack for going viral ensures that he’s a constant topic of discussion for Football Twitter. 

And that Twitter fame gradually translated into him being a minor celebrity. 

This initially came to light after he hopped on an Instagram Live with Manchester United star Anthony Elanga, which of course included Speed dabbling into his usual outlandish foolery. Nevertheless, the links to footy stars don’t end there, as 2 other Premier League players also acknowledged the YouTuber in 2 different manners. 

The first of those came via ‘All or Nothing – Arsenal’, which is available for viewing on Amazon Prime.

In a clip, following Arsenal‘s convincing 3-1 victory over Manchester United, keeper Aaron Ramsdale enters the physio room to boast about acquiring a signed jersey from Cristiano Ronaldo. His claims failed to convince fellow teammate Bukayo Saka, following which the keeper decided to present proof. After earning vindication, Ramsdale makes use of Ishowspeed’s signature catchphrase ‘Sewy’, before walking out with his arms raised triumphantly. 

While the former Sheffield man doesn’t mention Speed directly, the usage of ‘Sewy’ certainty confirms that Ramsdale has come across one of his many viral clips. 

As for a more direct acknowledgement, well that was provided by Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes.

As seen in this footage from a fan, Fernandes stops to interact with some supporters, one of whom asks the midfielder ‘Do you know Ishowspeed is?’ 

He breaks into a chuckle and says, ‘Yeah I know I know’, which potentially means that Speed has made the promised land. 

Considering that Fernandes and Ronaldo are national and club teammates, it seems likely that the midfielder may have brought Speed’s rabid fandom to his attention. 

While this is just speculation, one thing is certainly apparent.  Ishowspeed is far beyond ‘Twitter Famous’.