The X-Rated Crossover Between Ishowspeed And Astrid Wett We Were Not Ready For

If you have frequented the Chelsea half of Football Twitter, it’s likely that you may have come across one Astrid Wett.

She’s a social media influencer and avid Blues fan who rose to fame through some very explicit activity.

Aside from being a presence at Chelsea games and interacting with match-going fans, Wett earned popularity by posting lewd images and clips, while sporting a Chelsea shirt of course.

She eventually transitioned to Onlyfans, earning even further fame on the platform.

The 22-year-old recently became a topic of discussion primarily because of her amateur boxing match against social media rival Keeley.

The two influencers came face to face for the weigh-in event before touching gloves the next day.

Astrid’s antics during the event went viral online, as she first showed up in an X-rated outfit which was far from appropriate, and then she tried to kiss KSI and got brutally rejected by the Youtuber.

She ended up getting her 5 minutes of fame anyway as a result of her audacious attempt and even caught the attention of popular FIFA Youtuber Ishowspeed.

Speed, who tuned into the weigh-in, simply couldn’t help but be enchanted by Wett, which he expressed in very blunt terms through this Twitter.

An already bizarre crossover then got even stranger as Wett responded to his Tweet, which drew out a…sincere request from the Youtuber.
Fortunately, Wett turned him down by saying, ‘Sorry i’m only into big YouTubers’, probably the wisest decision she’s ever made as Speed is 17 years old.

Darren Watkins (Speed) then metaphorically fell onto his knees and pleaded to the Onlyfans model.

Talk about down bad.

Thankfully, the saga ended there and no red alarms were raised, concluding a standard day on Football Twitter.

As for her boxing bout, she brushed off Keeley before the second round even began. All it took was a couple of clean jabs and her opponent gained newfound perspective, as she gave up after conferring with her coach.