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The Amazing Tunisia World Cup Kit That Is All About The Olive Trees

The Amazing Tunisia World Cup Kit That Is All About The Olive Trees

With the Qatar World Cup now just over a month away, the participating teams are making final preparations for the bonanza.

It’ll be one month of intense, thrilling matches between the world’s best footballing nations for arguably the biggest prize in the beautiful game.

Not only are the players preparing well by trying to reach an optimum performance standard on the pitch, but they also ideally want to look good while performing as well.

That is why some teams are still slowly introducing their specialized kits for the upcoming World Cup that can help attract all kinds of supporters.

An early contender for the best kit of the World Cup has come up from one of the relative ‘minnows’ of the competition. Tunisia and Kappa have released their new third kit that pays an inspiring tribute to the historical culture of the country.

The Eagles of Carthage finished in the 24th position in the 2018 FIFA World Cup after a disappointing showing. They’re hoping for better results this time but have already won the hearts of many fans by unveiling their gorgeous new kit.

It’s an olive dark green coloured shirt that pays tribute to the country’s rich history when it comes to olive trees and the cultivation of the fruit (yes it’s not a vegetable).

The kit doesn’t really have that much of an over-the-top design, as they’ve kept it simple with a single colour along with a golden touch in the colour of their crest and sponsor’s sign.

There are also some drawings that are inscribed into the shirt as well, which seem to pay tribute to the cultures of the country. When it comes to olives, Tunisia has a historical significance – as the country is also known as the Land of the Olive Tree.

It’s estimated that there are about 1.8 million hectares of olive groves across the country, with 82 million trees planted which grow the elusive fruit. This apparently covers 30% of the country’s cultivated land, only proving how dedicated they are to growing and cultivating olives.

Not just that, but Tunisia is also the world’s third-biggest producer of olive oil – only behind Spain and Italy.

It’s a major source of revenue for the country and olive itself has a huge sense of significance for the residing people as well – which is why the national team has probably made the smart decision to come up with this unique kit.

The Eagles of Carthage head into the World Cup in some decent form. They got to the quarter-finals of the African Cup of Nations earlier this year and have won 4 out of their last 5 competitive matches.

They’ve been placed in a tricky group that contains Denmark, Colombia as well as Australia.

While not impossible, it’ll take something pretty significant for them to make it to the knockout stages. For them, finishing higher than the 24th place can itself be an upgrade from the last edition.

Irrespective of whatever happens, Tunisia will definitely look really good wearing this gorgeous jersey. It’s also won over the hearts of many fans already and should be a sure shit when it comes to sales.