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Liverpool Midfielder Fabinho Has Fans In Stitches After Posing With Barber

Liverpool Midfielder Fabinho Has Fans In Stitches After Posing With Barber

With the Qatar World Cup now almost upon us, the players are making their final preparations for the game. For a participating team player, it’s a huge opportunity for them to prove their ability in front of millions of fans that watch these matches.

The thing of utmost importance, of course, is to bring the very best to the table during the matches.

The players will be gunning to reach their peak fitness level and tap into their best form for the games ahead.

The pressure is high for the players, especially for those playing for the ‘favourites’ and major nations.

These players will have a lot of aspirations on their shoulders and be expected to bring their very best to the games.

One of the major favourites to win the World Cup is Brazil. The five-time champions have not won the competition since 2002 and come up close quite a few times as well.

But there is some optimism around their chances to win the competition this time because of how stacked their squad is.

Brazil were not able to pick Premier League stars like Roberto Firmino and Gabriel Magalhaes because of the sheer level of competition in the squad.

The Selecao now has a pretty reliable and experienced backline, with Thiago Silva and Marquinhos at the heart of it.

They also have the super shot-stopper Alisson, who has gained experience in winning major competitions with Liverpool over the last few years.

While the Brazilian players seem to be primed to make an impact in Qatar, with most of the players heading into the World Cup in impressive form, it’s well known that for them – football isn’t only a sport. It’s a way of life.

Football is a pivotal part of almost every Brazilian’s life, with the rich class or even those from the Favelas (slums) kicking the ball from a young age.

For the Brazilian players – as it’s the case with many modern stars – it’s also about looking good when on the pitch representing their country.

That is why the Brazilian national team hired a barber to make everyone look like a million bucks before heading to Qatar. The barber did the hairstyles for the likes of Neymar, Vincius Jr and Marquinhos – before taking pictures with them as a token of appreciation.

Curiously, Liverpool midfielder Fabinho also seemed to get something done from the barber. The ironic thing is that he is completely bald and doesn’t have any hair on his head to change his style.

There is a chance he made the barber fix up his facial hair and shave the little hair on his head. Indeed, most bald people need to visit the barber to give them a hot shave on their head.

This hilarious act from Fabinho has also cracked up the fans, who just can’t get enough of his funny expression in the pose with the barber despite having barely done anything to himself.

It’s quite clear that the Brazilian team is having a blast and is in good spirits heading into the World Cup.

Fabinho is unlikely to be a regular starter all through the competition for Brazil, but that doesn’t appear to be stopping him from having a good time.