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Look: Astrid Wett Snapped Watching Qatar World Cup Games In Risque Outfit

Look: Astrid Wett Snapped Watching Qatar World Cup Games In Risque Outfit

The Qatar World Cup has been a highly entertaining spectacle for football lovers all over the globe.

It has produced a lot of unexpected twists and turns, as well as highly entertaining matches that seem to have overshadowed some of the controversies around it.

One of the major questions heading into the competition is how the country will accept fans from all over the world visiting the festival of football.

With the competition being a football bonanza of sorts, hundreds of thousands of supporters travel from all over the earth to support their favourite teams.

But there are yet to be any major complaints about how Qatar and their authorities have been serving foreign supporters. In fact, despite the ban on alcohol that is in effect, the fans seem to be having a blast during games.

Some of the most vocal supporters of any participating nations are, of course, from England.

The English football fans are notoriously famous for being absolutely crazy for the Three Lions. There are some absolutely wild fans who often love to go over the top with their actions.

As part of the fanbase, a lot of football ‘influencers’ have also travelled to Qatar to support England at the World Cup.

Famous YouTuber Thogden is among those who are in the country for the games and AFTV founder Don Robbie has also been pictured during games.

But it appears that the Chelsea ‘influencer group’ is also represented in the gulf country. Chelsea fan and OnlyFans star Astrid Wett has seemingly travelled to Qatar for the World Cup, being a big fan of the English national team as well.

Wett has gained a lot of prominence in social media for being an outspoken supporter of Chelsea and also for her X-rated pictures as well as OnlyFans’ success.

In fact, she also got some more mainstream fame last month when the Chelsea fan had a BOXING fight against her OnlyFans rival Keeley – which she ended up winning as well.

She is quite financially well-to-do and seems to have travelled to Qatar for the competition.

Some fans on Twitter have magnified a picture of what looks like Wett – draped in an England flag – cheering on for the Three Lions during their 3-0 win over Senegal in the World Cup Round of 16 clashes.

It seems like the TV cameras inadvertently snapped her up during the celebrations of their win, with a clear snap of the Chelsea supporter being taken.

Though it was her appearance in other games that had fans worried about her safety.

Wett was seen watching USA v Netherlands and Argentina v Australia wearing just shorts, a bikini top and an open white shirt.

Wett has been quite the hot topic among the Chelsea community during the World Cup, as she surprised many fans by criticizing her favourite player – Mason Mount – which even got some mainstream attention.

The Englishwoman is, of course, not the only notable model to have gained attention in Qatar during the competition.

Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll has also been turning heads (literally) during her appearances for her national team’s games donning their colours.

The good thing for Wett, and other England fans, is that they can set their plan to stay in Qatar for a little while more after booking a salivating quarter-final game against France – which will take place at the weekend.