YouTuber Thogden Slammed For Overcelebrating Belgium Goal

If you happen to be active within the Football Twitter space and know your Footy YouTubers and influencers, you’ve likely come across a vlogger named Thogden.

The English YouTuber has garnered plenty of popularity over the years, and currently, his channel boasts a following of over 1 million.

His content mainly revolves around giving viewers the match-going experience, as he manages to mark his presence at seemingly every game of Football, and proceeds to share his reactions to key moments and the general stadium atmosphere. 

On the surface, this may seem like decent viewing, but due to some peculiarities, fans have grown to loathe the YouTuber.

The primary reason behind the dislike is his lack of ‘ball knowledge’ and interchangeable loyalties. 

Naturally, many users online have found the antics to be irksome, and Thogden recently caught flak for yet another instance of his overzealous celebrations. 

It all occurred during his current adventure in Qatar, as part of which he’ll attempt to attend all 64 World Cup games.

Aptly named the #ImpossibleChallenge, Thogden’s audacious attempt will be captured by COPA90, in partnership with

In line with the mission, he popped up in Al Rayyan, all set to spectate Belgium v Canada while sporting the Red Devils’ shirt. 

The game itself saw the Canadians dominate proceedings before Michy Batshuayi provided a sucker punch during the final minute of the first 45.

Seated in the stands, Thogden absolutely lost the plot with his celebration, as he tapped the badge repeatedly, while wildly flailing his arms about. 

In case you’re struggling to find the issue, here’s a bit of context – the lad is from Bolton. 

His celebrations were a far cry from that of a neutral, and this wasn’t an isolated incident either. 

Here’s him going bonkers to Saudi Arabia’s winner against Argentina…all while wearing an Argentina top. 

We’ve got about 48 games to go, so be prepared for more cringe-worthy reactions to follow in the upcoming days.