Twitter Annoys Football Fans By Sending Random Indian Super League Notifications

Twitter has been in the news since Elon Musk made the plunge to wrap another tech giant under his blanket of companies.

Since the takeover by Musk, Twitter has witnessed huge layoffs and monumental policy changes that have reshaped the structure and reputation of the company in the global market. 

Musk must have his reasons for these radical changes at Twitter but he needs to explain one particular decision to all the football fans all around the world who are engrossed in watching the FIFA World Cup โ€” why is Twitter sending push notifications for Indian Super League (ISL) during a World Cup match? 

The tech giant had earlier been actively involved in its coverage of the World Cup. To reach their goal, they started sending push notifications to update fans about the score of a particular match.

But during the Portugal and Ghana game on Matchday one, Twitter users started receiving an update on an ISL game between Odisha FC and Chennaiyin FC. 

Many would have ignored it at first, but the notifications continued to pile up. This was when the fans took notice and resorted to tweeting about it.

Despite the match between Odisha and Chennaiyin being a five-goal fest, the fans were least bothered and expressed their anger especially when a World Cup game was on. 

This ordeal showed us that someone at Twitter woke up intending to prank people all around the world. Maybe Musk was on it too since Twitter has a huge diaspora of Indians working for them. 

Itโ€™s almost unethical to conduct a league game during the World Cup, but it is even more embarrassing for a company like Twitter to send push notifications to their users when the World Cup is in full swing.

No wonder Twitter became the butt of jokes again for people around the world. The anger was just and hereโ€™s how some fans expressed their disbelief:

After hearing all the commotion about themselves, the ISL Twitter handle rose from its ashes and tried to salvage the situation by putting themselves on a pedestal and praising Twitter for acknowledging them.

Despite their best efforts, Twitter landed in the bad books of people, yet again.