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Fireball: How Elon Musk Sent Thousands Of Man United Fans Into Frenzy

Fireball: How Elon Musk Sent Thousands Of Man United Fans Into Frenzy

If there is one thing on which every Manchester United fan unanimously agrees is the change of ownership of their beloved club. For too long, the United fans have lived at the mercy of the poor decisions of the Glazer family that holds the keys to Old Trafford. The past decade hasn’t been kind to the Red Devils and the fans have only one entity to blame — their owners, the Glazers.

In the game against Brentford, United had their royalty stripped once again as an expressionless Erik ten Hag watched from the sidelines. The club has seen many changes coming into this season but with no concrete desire to influence their fate or turn the clocks back to the victory days.

As of now, the fans are praying for a new owner who could hear their pleas and allow Ten Hag to have his way in the transfer market. The club has been the butt of jokes, memes, and critical analysis, with no serious intent from someone to come aboard and clean the ship. 

However, if a wealthy and unlikely contender comes forth with the prospect of taking over the reins of Old Trafford, the fans will not stand in his way. They will only rejoice and it seems like help is on its way.

Soaking in the sporting news of the world, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, tweeted that Manchester United is now on his shopping list. A billionaire and one of the most influential people in the world whose every word and action is taken at face value has sent ripples down the footballing fraternity with his tweet.

Musk has made his fortune by selling electric cars and with a pledge to take humans to Mars. The least that he could do is drag United out of their misery by giving them a direct line to his wealth. But Musk’s tweets are more satirical and humorous lately. Even though his followers wait for meaningful updates on his Twitter profiles, Musk pitches in a few that aren’t to be taken seriously.

So when a few loyal United fans were overjoyed with his announcement of taking over the club, Musk came in like a wrecking ball and destroyed all their hopes. 

He mentioned that this has been a long-running joke and he has no intentions to buy the club. This broke the hearts of all the United fans but there was a ray of light amidst the darkness for them.

Musk stated in another tweet that if he were to buy any sports team, it would have been United since he was a loyal supporter of the club in his teenage.

This came as an unexpected revelation that surely boosted the stock of the deteriorating club. Soon, there were enough cries from the fans, pleading for him to buy the club, end this horrific debacle and allow Ten Hag to prosper. 

Musk will be the most inconceivable saviour of United if he bought them. Although with him at the helm, the Red Devils can aim for the moon if not Mars.