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Who Are The 1958, Man United Fan Group Who Put Simon Jordan In His Place

Who Are The 1958, Man United Fan Group Who Put Simon Jordan In His Place

Manchester United might be experiencing an inspired run of form, but the agenda of the majority of the fan base remains the same. Most of the Red Devils fans from around the globe are united in their stance of wanting the Glazer Ownership outed from the club.

The Glazer Family took control of the club in 2005 and have been widely blamed for United’s dismay since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013. The Red Devils are yet to win a major trophy since their iconic manager walked away from football management.

The ‘Glazers Out’ campaign has run wild over the past few years. The majority of it has been showcased on social media, but some fan groups have come together to push the agenda of getting the American family out of the club.

One of the major United fan groups to be marshalling forward in their staunch stance of wanting the Glazer pushed away is the Manchester United 1958 fan group.

This group has been extremely active and vocal in wanting the Glazers’ ownership to end, urging match-going fans to take part in their peaceful protests and bring to light the need to push the American owners of the club.

Who are the 1958 group?

The 1958 Manchester United fan group has no direct affiliation with the club and is not an official fan club of the Red Devils either. As it has been mentioned above, they are a bit of an ‘old-school’ fan club that hopes to uphold the old values of the club.

The group has gained a reputation for holding regular Glazers Out protests over the last few seasons. The admirable thing about their protests is that they encourage a peaceful process so nobody gets hurt.

The 1958 fan group consists majority of the fans who are regular match-goers at Old Trafford and have enough capacity to protest against the owners outside, or even inside the stadium.

What does 1958 mean to Manchester United?

The meaning of this specific unaffiliated Manchester United group is connected to an emotional episode in the club’s history. On 6 February 1958, the British European Airways flight carrying the Manchester United flight – better named the ‘Busby Babes’ back then crashed on the third attempt of its take-off from the Munich-Riem Airport.

There were 44 people on board the flight at the time, out of which 20 died on the spot after the crash. The others, some of which were unconscious, were taken to a hospital in Munich.

Three more died in the hospital, which included United defender Duncan Edwards – widely recognized as one of the most talented players from the Busby Babes team.

Eight members of the United squad lost their lives after the crash, while three coaching members and a couple of journalists also succumbed to the crash.

Every year on the day of 6 February, the United team members, coaches and fans pay tribute to their departed legend and special events of remembrance also take place outside of Old Trafford.

Why is it called the 1958 fan group?

The name of the group has been derived from the 1958 Manchester United team, the majority of which ended up being perished in the Munich Tragedy.

The majority of the ‘Busby Babes’ passed away in 1958 after a tragic plane crash of the vehicle that carried the Red Devils players, staff and even journalists in that year.

In their Twitter account bio, this is what the 1958 fan group have explained themselves as: “An underground group of reds intent on upholding the values of Manchester United, its culture and traditions. The 1958 are not here for likes or followers.”

This fan group should not be mistaken as the one which led to the controversial Glazers Out protest that took place back in 2021 either.

Back then, a massive protest outside of Old Trafford had forced a Premier League game between the Red Devils and Liverpool to be postponed.

This was due to United fans taking over the Old Trafford pitch, refusing to allow the two teams to exit their hotels and basically sabotaging the game.

The 1958 fan group might be insistent in wanting the Glazer Family to exit the club, but they never encourage violence or anything that might disrupt games.

They have always been advocates for peaceful protests, which often take place before the kick-off matches and well outside the United stadium.

The 1958 v Simon Jordan

The name of Simon Jordan might be well known among some of the more ardent Premier League followers. Jordan is the former owner of Crystal Palace, who is now restricted to ranting about teams and players on Talksport.

Jordan is an outspoken pundit who loves to make controversial comments that can become viral on social media. Recently, the ex-Palace owner made a bit of a snarky comment on the United fans for simmering down on their Glazers Out protests recently because of the team’s impressive form.

This ruffled the feathers of the 1958 United group, who bit back at him and tweeted: “Luckily we aren’t a trust, actions not words. This clickbait narrative is the reason we refuse your interviews. We have protested at almost every game & banners. Campaigns against sponsors, governing bodies, banks and investors.”

Jordan replied in a rather ignorant fashion, trying to shove them aside as insignificant by replying: “I’ve never requested, nor care about doing an interview with you guys. I happen to believe your club, is the greatest club in the world.

“As such #mufc generates huge media interest, thus I am ASKED to opine on it. Well done on your protests I am sure it serves you all well.”

Though, The 1958 were quick to Jordan in his place as produced a screenshot of Talksport inviting them for interviews.

The Talksport pundit’s comments have infuriated a lot of match-going, who are furious that he doesn’t really help their case of trying to push the Glazer family out of the club by continuing their peaceful protest even during the team’s impressive run of form.

The 1958 fan group are packed with regular, die-hard match-going who are more focused on helping the club regain a stable structure over any immediate trophies or material success.

So irrespective of whatever someone like Jordan or any rival fan has to say, they’re unlikely to curb their Glazers Out protest anytime soon – even if Erik ten Hag can guide United back to winning trophies.