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Who is Stillryan? Fans Worried as YouTube Culture Creeps Inside Goodison Park

Who is Stillryan? Fans Worried as YouTube Culture Creeps Inside Goodison Park

If you’re an Evertonian with an active presence on social media, you’ve likely come across a football influencer by the name of ‘Stillryan’.

The 20-year-old is a full-time content creator, Youtuber, streamer, and most importantly, a rabid Everton supporter.

Ryan Hall started his content creation journey a couple of years ago on a part-time basis before he found it to be his true calling. 

In the span of 2 years, the Liverpool native has managed to garner plenty of popularity and cultivate his very own community of fans, or ‘stillgangsters’ as he calls them.

Despite pushing the commendable message of happiness and positivity, Ryan hasn’t won over everybody just yet, as the steamer still has a fair amount of naysayers. 

A recent upload by the 20-year-old actually managed to land him in hot waters, with fans on Twitter lambasting him for what they felt were ‘embarrassing’ antics.

Before delving into the thick of things, here’s a brief summation of Stillryan’s content.

The 20-year-old usually plays video games and talks Football with his 35,000+ followers on Twitch
Besides streaming, he also produces TikToks for his 450.1k followers on the video-sharing platform.

But what Ryan is primarily known for are the match vlogs he uploads to his YouTube channel, which boasts a subscriber count of 11.1k.

He appears to have attended a majority of the Toffees home games this season, as evidenced by the multiple vlogs on his channel. 

Aside from preserving the memory for himself, the vlogs also allow for Toffees worldwide to experience the atmosphere inside Goodison. A pretty novel idea on the face of it.

Unfortunately, the format isn’t to everyone’s liking, and Ryan even received criticism for his most recent vlog.

Why is Stillryan under fire from fans?

The YouTuber caught quite a bit of flak after uploading a clip from his experience at Everton’s game against Tottenham.

The brief clip displayed Michael’s Keane 40-yard screamer that earned Everton a point during the dying embers of the match. It also showcased the rapturous celebrations that followed the goal, making for a memory that most would be glad to relive. 

However, a number of Everton fans appeared to disagree, as they took issue with his recording antics and called the clip ‘cringe’.

They also asked the streamer to ‘live in the moment’, instead of being obsessed with digitizing and capturing it.

Their criticisms are certainly fair, considering the obsession today’s generation has with capturing highlights for social media. 

Nevertheless, it’s a bit crude to ostracize the idea entirely, especially since it helps fans from all over the world get a taste of Goodison. Which, frankly, is a luxury for fans living abroad.

Ryan himself emphasized this very idea and defended his vlogs, although a majority of users online were still in disagreement.