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The Reason Why Tim Wiese Isn’t Allowed at Werder Bremen Anymore

The Reason Why Tim Wiese Isn’t Allowed at Werder Bremen Anymore

Tim Wiese is a well-recognized figure in Germany for enjoying a lengthy football career with Werder Bremen, but not many could’ve imagined him being banned by the club. Wiese spent eight years with Die Werderaner and became a bit of a fan favorite during his years with the club as well.

Wiese also got a call-up to the German national team thanks to his heroics with the Bundesliga club – making six appearances for Germany on the international stage. The Bayer Leverkusen academy product played for many years in the Bundesliga and became a well-known player in his country too.

What did Tim Wiese achieve at Werder Bremen?

His best moments, however, all came with Bremen after joining the club in 2005. He took the club by storm in his first season in the 2005/06 campaign and would go on to be their regular goalkeeper for the next six seasons after that.

Wiese wasn’t able to win the Golden Glove award, but he went on to keep 81 clean sheets in 266 appearances for Die Werderaner. Not just that, but Wiese played a role in helping them win titles during his time as well.

Indeed, the goalkeeper played a key role in Bremen winning the DFP-LigaPokal (German League Cup) in 2006. He also helped them win the DFP Pokal in the 2008/09 season, keeping a clean sheet in the final against Bayer Leverkusen as well.

Wiese left Bremen in 2012, signing for Hoffenheim. However, his career started dipping after that and the goalkeeper retired in 2014. Soon after retiring from football, Wiese tried his hand at professional wrestling.

He started attending WWE events and even started training in their performance center from 2016 onwards. Wiese made his WWE debut in a live event in Munich on 3 November 2016, teaming up with Sheamus and Cesaro to defeat The Shining Stars and Bo Dallas in a triple-threat match.

Werder ban Wiese for his political views

Wiese left professional wrestling in 2017 and has been relatively under the radar when it comes to football as well. It appears that he has been quite active in the right-wing political party scene in Germany and has been getting a lot of bad attention for that.

Werder have caught wind of that and have reportedly decided to ban him indefinitely from anything related to the club. This means that Wiese will not be allowed into their home stadium, the Werserstadion, and remains banned from attending any of their home matches.

Wiese has reportedly developed a lot of public contact with the right-wing political parties and has made some comments that Werder wants no part of. He’s also reportedly been banned from attending any of Germany’s international games in the country too.

However, in a recent interview, Wiese defended himself against the accusations of having right-wing sympathies and said: “It is difficult to prove what I take for granted: I was not and am not a member of a politically extreme camp and will never be, neither on the right nor on the left. Right-wing ideas or racist behavior are completely alien to me.”

Werder’s managing director Frank Baumann responded to this interview by giving him another chance to undo his wrongs, warning him: “We took note of Tim Wiese’s interview positively. It is now up to him to follow up on these words with deeds. If he does that, a return to the Nothing stands in the way of Traditionself in the next games in the summer.”

It appears that Wiese failed to prove his right-wing accusations wrong and has been banned from the club that adored him at one point in time.