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Away Fans Fuming as Vengaboys Song Plays Every Time Mateta Scores at Selhurst Park

Away Fans Fuming as Vengaboys Song Plays Every Time Mateta Scores at Selhurst Park

English clubs and its fans have always been creative yet nostalgic with their chants and songs, and the all-new Crystal Palace goal celebration is no different.

The ‘Poznan’ jump and ‘You will Never Walk Alone’, are some of the most iconic chants of all time the Premier League has produced. Who can also forget ‘Allez, Allez, Allez’?

Carrying on the practice, the Crystal Palace stadium announcer has found a piece of music as well. Dipped and soaked in banter, the PA plays the massive hit song titled ‘BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM’ by the nostalgic and revered Eurodance group Vengaboys at the Selhurst Park every time the home team or more specifically, Jean-Philippe Mateta scores a goal, much to the dismay of the traveling supporters.

This little act by the stadium PA caught fire on social media after Crystal Palace scored their second in their 2-0 win over Newcastle United which was celebrated with the song. It’s also important to note that the goal was scored by none other than, Mateta himself.

This routine is not something that was born out of a vacuum. Far from it. As it apparently happened back in 2022, Jean was on a hot run of form and delivering for Palace in the biggest moments. The supporters were enjoying every bit of this streak and appreciating the importance of Mateta in the season and a half he had been there, with fans even considering him a cult and a club legend in his own right.

Jean-Philippe, a French striker who joined the club in January of 2021, jokingly feasted on the appreciation by the fans and asked them to chant ‘BOOM!’ every time he scores.

The fans soon obliged and came up with a chant sung whose lyrics go –

Boom, boom, boom, boom,
Mateta’s in the room,
There ain’t no striker better,
than Jean-Philippe Mateta.

Sung to the tune of the aforementioned Vengaboys song, the chant gets played quite often at Selhurst Park as Mateta has scored 14 goals across all competitions for Crystal Palace this season.

As the Palace support continues to support their striker with this new chant, the stadium PA at Selhurst Park likes to take it up a notch further.

A recent example of which came during Palace’s 2-0 win over Newcastle United.

The traveling Geordies already had enough to deal with Mateta’s brace on the night and the goal music celebration at the stadium left a sour taste in their mouth.

A lot of Palace rivals are absolutely fed up of this song –

However, Crystal Palace fans do not have a care in the world for this, and are loving the celebrations instead especially since it makes opposition fans rage and their blood boil.

Whatever side of the debate you might find yourselves to be, it must be unanimous at this point, the sheer creativity and passion with which English fans get behind their team and their players. All at the expense of their opposition and rivals. The good old Barclays.