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Are We Scouse Now? MUFC Fans Blamed For Copying Jamie Webster Allez Allez routine

Are We Scouse Now? MUFC Fans Blamed For Copying Jamie Webster Allez Allez routine

With 4 wins on the spin, Manchester United are flying high, led from the front by Erik ten Hag

After an abysmal first 2 games of the current campaign, United have bounced by winning 4 out of 4, vanquishing title contenders Liverpool and Arsenal in the process. 

The sudden change in fortune has a lot to do with the Dutchman in charge, who introduced some significant tweaks to his instructions following the defeats to Brighton and Brentford.

Erik Ten Hag

Ten Hag’s signature style has plenty to do with dominance in possession and playing out from the back, something United clearly struggled to replicate during the 2 losses.

The former Ajax boss duly took note, and placed an emphasis on playing it safe and causing damage through lethal counters, as evidenced by United’s last 3 games in which they afforded the opposition plenty of possession.

Add to the mix a stern defence comprising Raphael Varane, Lisandro Martinez, Diogo Dalot and Tyrell Malacia, and the Red Devils are finally beginning to look like a proper unit.

Naturally, the Old Trafford faithful are pretty ecstatic. 

Hope and optimism have finally returned to the shores of Manchester, and Ten Hag is effectively the ‘chosen one’, for the moment at least.

Reds online look just about ready to take on anyone, such is the positivity surrounding the club at the moment.

Even the ‘anti-Glazer’ crowd have lowered their banners, for the time being, a perfect display of the good vibes at United. 

There are many ways of expressing happiness, be it through the chants ringing around Old Trafford these days or the praise lauded by fans on Twitter.

And another such manner of expressing elation is through music, which certain United supporters have clearly gravitated towards.

As seen in this clip captured inside the Old Trafford Supporter’s Club, a fan by the name of Ryan Jarvis handles the guitar, and sings a United-themed rendition of ‘Allez Allez’, a song primarily associated with Liverpool.

The original song led to instant fame for creator Jamie Webster, who then went on to perform for the team itself after they won the Champions League back in 2019.

Jarvis’ rendition features a slight alteration in the lyrics, and aside from that everything’s basically the same.

Being a city with plenty of musical history, it makes sense for the Merseyside club to have musical inspirations.

On the other hand, throughout their history, United haven’t been as keen as Liverpool on the music side of it all, due to which many fans were rather unimpressed by the song.

It certainly didn’t help that it is essentially a rip-off, and of course, fans were never going to be excited about copying a rival club.

The artist behind the mic also carries very Webster-like energy, leading users online to brand him as ‘Jamie Webster from Wish’.

Needless to say, you probably aren’t going to hear ‘Allez Allez’ ringing around Old Trafford anytime soon.