Twitter Explains Liz Truss Replacing Boris Johnson in Football Terms

The Football World is almost never short of news, even during the off-season you can still catch exciting games being played in various corners of Europe. 

In the season itself, during which the 5 major European Leagues are being played out simultaneously, the news stream is endless and constant. 

You have footy action on the telly almost every evening, rumblings and rumours popping up every hour, and opinions flooding in every second. 

Safe to say, football is constantly abuzz. 

Yet, fans on Twitter often chose to chime in on various happenings around the world instead, despite having plenty of football-centric topics already. 

And we certainly aren’t complaining, because the results are often hilarious. 

On this occasion, Football Twitter tried its hand at explaining the recently concluded race for the spot of the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister. 

Following the ousting of Boris Johnson, the 2 primary candidates that threw their hats in the ring were Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, with the latter eventually prevailing. 

Truss defeated her rival after earning 81,326 votes to Sunak’s 60,399. 

However, the result has been far from welcome. 

In fact, the appointment of either candidate would’ve raised a similarly unenthusiastic reaction, as both figures aren’t exactly popular. 

Sunak lost favour due to his poor tax policies as part of the Treasury, while Truss carries the reputation of a ‘political chameleon’, because of which voters have questioned her sincerity. 

The aforementioned unenthusiastic sentiments took over Football Twitter as well, although with a nifty twist. 

While a majority of fans online were indifferent towards the appointment, they certainly poured some energy into devising football-centric memes which explain the situation for those out of the loop. 

Johnson was notoriously substandard, and many are already expecting Truss to be the same, making it the worst kind of like-for-like switch. 

Fans online compared the parliamentary situation to similar cases that have occurred in football, and the highlights are certain to draw out chuckles.

Examples include this image featuring Cenk Tosun and Salomon Rondon, a forward pairing that haunted Goodison Park for years. 

Tosun joined Everton on the back of plenty of hype from his Besiktas days. 

However, life in the Prem was far less kind to the Turkish Striker, who could only muster 9 goals before permanently leaving this year. 

His time at the club coincided with that of another misfiring striker, namely Salomon Rondon. 

The Venezuelan was signed as an upgrade to Tosun, although he has been anything but. The 32-year-old is comfortably 3rd choice for Frank Lampard’s side at the moment and certainly has fared just as badly as Tosun. 

Now that you get the gist of it, let us walk you through some other noteworthy examples. 

Bringing in Sam Allardyce for Tony Pulis or vice-versa is an exercise in futility (aside from the vibes only Big Sam can provide of course).

Both managers will get you to a neat 17th-placed finish, before eventually dropping down the subsequent season, which makes a switch between the two simply useless. 

Being old ain’t easy, just ask Jordan Henderson and James Milner

Kidding aside, the two Liverpool veterans carry vast experience which can be quite beneficial. 

Unfortunately, the pair, especially as of late, seem to be struggling with the required physicality for the Prem, which clearly grows as they continue to age. 

Their lack of physical prowess also isn’t helped by their style of play, as it revolves around effort and plenty of running, and they simply can’t provide as they used to anymore. 

The duo usually achieve very little when deployed in Liverpool’s midfield, often resorting to ‘Hoofball’ (over-the-top balls lacking precision), and hence infuriating Reds’ supporters. 

Bringing one on for the other is basically the same thing, they’ll inject a dose of ‘pashun’, ‘hungah’ and ‘desiyah’, without any semblance of creativity. 

There has been a rather unfortunate trend when it comes to promoted teams, as a majority of them usually end up going right back down after a single season. 

The trend seems to be specifically true for Norwich City and Bournemouth, as they keep going back and forth. 

Replicating what has happened numerous times in the past, the Canarias earned their way into the Prem last season before being ruthlessly relegated. 

Bournemouth, on the other hand, found their way up under manager Scott Parker.. after which he has sacked 5 games into the current season. 

With no head coach appointed, history is likely to repeat itself. 

Here are a few other examples that fit the bill –