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Journo who broke the Virgil van Dijk news drops a Memphis Depay hint

Journo who broke the Virgil van Dijk news drops a Memphis Depay hint

A journalist known for leaking transfer market news with sufficient accuracy just dropped a huge hint on the transfer of Memphis Depay.

Last year a tweet by Kevin Palmer revealed that Dutch sensation Virgil van Dijk could possibly join Liverpool.

Kevin Palmer: why his word shouldn’t be taken lightly

Virgil van Dijk played for Southampton in the 2017/2018 Premier League season. His impressive performances throughout the season led to rumours of his transfer.

Teams like City and Liverpool were interested in lapping up the defender. Kevin Palmer was relatively unknown in the transfer market at that time. He speculated that Liverpool and City would try and get the defender.

He also reported that Virgil himself was highly keen on moving to better opportunities. At the time, his claims weren’t given much credit by the fans of the clubs. Kevin claimed that Liverpool could enter into a bidding war with City.

Social media was awash with conflicting opinions. While some argued that Southampton couldn’t afford to let him go, others started seeing Virgil playing for Liverpool a feasible idea.

Kevin kept tweeting about updates on Virgil’s rumours. It finally culminated on 27 December 2017 for 75 million pounds. He set the world record for the highest fee for a defender .

Following the VVD transfer, Kevin Palmer became one of those voices who’s statements could be taken with some credibility. In the transfer market world, nothing is ever concrete till it is concrete.

Any and all news is considered speculation till the player or the team claims otherwise, officially. However, Palmer and his ilk are among the few journalists who’s claims are probable and have solid sources to feed them the news.

In a recent post on social media, Palmer dug up an old photo of Memphis Depay. In the photo , Depay bid farewell to his Manchester United days.

Palmer slyly observed that Depay may have to delete the photo in the near future, sparking rumours of a Liverpool transfer.

Memphis Depay: the flying Dutchman

Memphis Depay is a talented young player who made his bones in the Eredivisie. His immense promise drove him to the glamorous yet pressing world of English Football.

He joined Manchester United in 2015. He was often in the news but mostly for wrong reasons.

His flashy lifestyle and arrogant personality did not sit well with the coaches.

He left the Premier League in a less-than-glittery fashion, making no notable contributions and spending much of the time on the bench. He left to play in Ligue 1 for Lyon.

After playing some impressive games at Lyon, the Dutchman is keen to rise to his potential and play again at the highest levels.

The rumour seems all too plausible considering Liverpool’s current philosophy and the existing players in the squad.

Depay’s style of play could make him a great substitute to either Firmino, Mane or Salah, ready to play whenever one of the stars becomes unavailable, or where the manager sees him create the most opportunities.

Fans still speculate that Palmer’s prediction was a fluke, mainly because they claim that Palmer had worked as an in-house journalist at Southampton for years, which could explain his accurate and regular updates during the Van Dijk saga.

Since he has no such links at Lyon, his guess is too, at best, a speculation.

Only time will tell if this exciting news comes to existence!


Tuesday 28th of May 2019

I predicted that virgil would become a liverpool player before liverpool even moved for him but that dont mean anything other than an idea that he would suit us perfectly and he looked immense at saints, but il tell you this now and un-equivocally so that Memphis depay will not be joining liverpool, you may see him at arsenal but as much as I'd enjoy watching him progress at liverpool this one is a non starter, sorry.