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Sky Sports graphic paints a very bleak picture for 13th placed Newcastle United

Newcastle seem to be having an absolutely strange season so far. Somehow, the club are at a respectable thirteenth position, just ten points off fourth placed Tottenham, despite having a string of lackluster performances on the pitch.

Many have simply interpreted other teams also underperforming horrendously as the reason for the club being so high in the league. Of course, it must be said that the Magpies do look alright in certain departments, especially defence, where they have shown massive improvement.

Indeed, when Steve Bruce was brought in to replace departing manager Rafa Benitez, reports suggested an exodus of players as a form of protest against owner Mike Ashley. Instead, Bruce now commands a level of begrudging respect from even his detractors.

There is however, a sense of unease when it comes to Newcastle’s attack, as it has seemed lethargic and sluggish on a majority of occasions.

Special focus must be given on their strikers’ profligacy, in large part owed to the horrendous performance of the Magpies’ $52 million dud Joelinton.

Now, a graphic released by football broadcaster Sky Sports has put into stark contrast exactly how abysmal their attack is.

As shown in the picture, the Geordie club is shown to be dead last in almost all of the absolutely crucial aspects of attacking football throughout this season in the league.

This includes number of shots attempted, number of expected goals, number of touches in the opposition’s box and amount of possession of the ball in a game.

The only metric where they aren’t bottom of the table is in goals scored, where they are tied with relegation zone teams Norwich City and Watford. Even in that aspect, only fourteenth placed Crystal Palace has done worse with twenty three goals.

Yes, some credit on them even being as high as thirteenth must go to the relatively solid backline that Newcastle possess. Even then, without some urgent changes to their attacking play, it doesn’t look good for the club’s immediate future.

Check out the reaction from the fans below –

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Videos emerge as Danny Rose squares up to Newcastle fans on a train after defeat against Arsenal

Nothing best describes Newcastle as much as the word paradox. The club has, throughout all of the last decade and a half, taken a tremendous fall from grace as it is no longer the behemoth it once used to be.

Yet, it still enjoys unprecedented levels of support from the Toon, and is very much part of top flight heritage despite the ignominy of the relegations it has been subjected to.

Now, there is a sense of optimism mixed with unease among the Newcastle faithful, and for good reason. While overall, they have had a quite alright season, the board has not inspired any confidence at all in recent years, not having any budget to sign players, firing the experienced Rafa Benitez and instead hiring relative pariah Steve Bruce as manager.

And while Bruce has been respectable so far, Newcastle fans only got a glimmer of hope when they somehow managed to land full-back Danny Rose this winter transfer window.

The England player, arriving from beleaguered Tottenham, has shown that he has buckets of ability, but is yet to fire on all cylinders. He has had a slow start and was caught unawares in yesterday’s match against Arsenal, where the Magpies were hammered 4-0.

Now, fans returning from the game were rather surprised to see some unexpected people in their train – specifically Rose and his teammates Allan Saint-Maximin, Nabil Bentaleb and Christian Atsu.

At first the fans were quite friendly, asking for the usual selfies and autographs. But then a few among them started riling and taking the piss out of the players, needling them over their dubious performance against the Gunners. Rose, not one to take insults lying down, got up immediately and had a minor scuffle with a few people.

The issue was, however, resorted quickly and the impromptu meet and greet session had no further interruption. (Alternate reports later emerged that the fight happened after Rose declined to take a photo with a ten year old fan. The motive remains unclear.)

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Newcastle star Allan Saint-Maximin has Jamie from Twitter on ropes after “PL is boring” jibe

Twitter is a huge platform where a range of opinions can be shared. From news channels to fashion models, from celebrities to common public, there is a great variety to the platform.

This, however, is accompanied by a very nagging side of Twitter, trolls, who are omnipresent in various sections of the social media platform.

One such FT account opinionated upon the seemingly lost ‘good characters’ in the Premier League.

One generally expects these tweets to go fairly unnoticed or at least ignored by the accounts with the blue tick.

Enter Allan Saint-Maximin.

The Newcastle winger presented Jamie from Twitter with one ‘L’ after the other as the attempted trolling resulted in a complete failure.

But Jamie’s misery was amplified even more as Saint-Maximin thwarted every attempt of a comeback and delivered the final blow.

Twitter lesson 101 – never try to troll before checking your facts. Allan took advantage and poor Jamie paid the price.

There was simply no way to come back from this stage.

The Twitter user knew the size of L he took from the thread and scrambled in an attempt to save himself from further embarrassment.

The Newcastle player might have been off on the pitch after returning from injury but his Twitter game is on point.

So all of the Twitter users out there, let this be an example.

Whenever you try to act smart or troll on FT, there might be a French winger with a Gucci headband waiting to pounce.


Newcastle sports bar commemorates Rafa’s tenure with a beautiful sign on their entrance

Newcastle United revealed on Monday that Rafa Benitez officially parted ways after failing to agree a new deal with the club hierarchy.

The manager who was responsible for bringing the club back to the Premier League and establishing themselves as a Premier League regular is no longer part of the club.

Conflicts of interest with club owner Mike Ashley have finally taken the toll and Benitez has had enough. As of 30th June, he will be a free agent.

With the talks of a potential takeover by the Bin Zayed Group making no improvements, the fans are visibly frustrated.

They have lost a coach who has brought nothing but positives to the club. Mike Ashley has undergone a lot of scrutiny during the past years and this seems to be the final straw.

Some of the fans are planning to boycott the club and return their tickets in a bid to prevent Mike Ashley from making more money off of them (Talksport).

Ashley has been running the club with intention that the club that must look after itself financially. Benitez was unhappy that he was going to be given just £60m plus money raised from sales.

The Toon Army have responded with anger and do no understand how Mike Ashley could let Benitez go. With the new season around 7 weeks away, the club currently do not have a manager and a coaching staff. Truly testing times at Newcastle United.

Despite the unreasonable move from the owner, fans have not forgotten to pay their tribute to the Spaniard.

“Rafa You’ll Always Be A Geordie”

A sports bar in Newcastle has commemorated Rafa’s tenure with a beautiful sign on their entrance. The message is clear, the fans want Benitez to know that he was truly adored and loved.


Photo: Controversial-looking Newcastle United away kit for next season drops online

Newcastle United are rumored to be on the cusp of an immense takeover at the hands of The Bin Zayed Group. The UAE based conglomerate is owned by Sheikh Khaled Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (a distant relative of Sheikh Mansour, the owner of Manchester City).

A wave of changes and improvements are likely to occur at Newcastle United upon the completion of the takeover.

For starters, rumours suggest that Jose Mourinho is on the cards to replace Rafa Benitez as manager. What a statement would that be, not that there’s anything wrong with Rafa though, who has been awesome for the Magpies.

A number of big money signings are expected too with the Magpies hoping that the impact of the takeover is as big as Manchester City’s.

The Newcastle faithful are on cloud nine and everything looks good…..except their away kit for next season?

A leaked away kit has surfaced online and the fans surely don’t seem happy about it.

The kit features olive green as its primary colour along with a black design that resembles tire tracks.

It’s certainly not the worst kit we’ve ever seen but the fans clearly do not approve of it. They have spotted that the sponsor seems to be way low than usual and are hoping that it isn’t the final design or the kit at all!

However, the takeover and some big money signings would surely allow the fans to move past the away kit conundrum and back the boys for an exciting season to come!

Check out the kit below –


Two signs the Newcastle United takeover might be imminent

It’s been a week since the Bin Zayed group confirmed that they were closing in on a deal to buy Newcastle United but have remained tight lipped ever since.

Nevertheless, this new picture of a pile of Sports Direct signboards abandoned in a skip outside St. James’ Park suggests a different story.

Changes at St. James’ Park

With Sports Direct being a Mike Ashley company, the signboards were plastered all over the stadium and it’s sudden removal amid takeover talks has caught the attention of fans and the media.

While this picture has given hope to most of the fans; others believe that it’s just a routine clean-up at St. James’ Park.

From Twitter

However, the news of Sheikh Khaled becoming the director of a new company indicates that the Emiratis are set to buy the Magpies.

Formation of a new company

A new company has been set up by the Bin Zayed group called Monochrome Acquisition Ltd. The name totally gives it away as it  refers to the color of Newcastle United (The Sun).

The new company was registered a day after Eid with Companies House and is rumoured to be used as a purchase vehicle to buy the club. Interestingly, the company’s registered address is that of Pinsent Masons, the same law company used when the club was bought 12 years ago by current owner Mike Ashley.

Meanwhile, Mike Ashley has also applied to de-register four dormant companies with Newcastle.

All these news indicate that the takeover of Newcastle United is bound to happen unless Mike Ashley changes his mind.

The uncertainty of ownership at the club has given birth to more concerns like the contract extension of manager Rafa Benitez and the signing of players shortlisted by the club. 


Brace yourselves for a deadly rivalry between Newcastle United and Man City if this newfound rumour is true

Newcastle United’s rumoured takeover news has been spreading like wildfire in the world of football.

What we know so far

Reports suggest that current owner  Mike Ashley is rumored to sell the football club to billionaire Sheikh Khaled in a £350m deal.

Ashley and Sheikh Khaled seem to have agreed on a contract and have signed and submitted it to the Premier League.

Mike Ashley, who bought the club back in 2007 has put it up for sale for most of his ownership years.

The club stakes were previously being bought by Amanda Staveley and then Peter Kenyon but the deals couldn’t go through after entering the due diligence stage.

However, the 61-year-old founder of the Bin Zayed group seems to be the most likely candidate to buy the Magpies.

The managing director of Sheikh Khaled’s organisation, Midhat Kidwai has stated that the “terms have been agreed”.

“We can confirm the representatives of Sheikh Khaled are in discussions with Mike Ashley and his team about the proposed acquisition of Newcastle United”, said Midhat.

“We view it as an honour to have the opportunity to build on the strong support, history and tradition of the club. We have agreed terms and are working hard to complete the transaction at the earliest opportunity.”

The Abu Derby

Amid takeover news, the Emirati tale has taken a whole new turn.

Sheikh Khaled belongs to a royal family in Abu Dhabi and happens to be a distant cousin of Manchester City owner, Sheikh Mansour.

Nick Harris, a financial journalist has claimed to have studied the family tree of the two billionaires and found in his research that the grandfather of Sheikh Mansour was murdered by the grandfather of Sheikh Khaled back in 1926.

Harris also claimed that Khaled is outside the main wing of the royal family and doesn’t possess as much financial power as his distant cousin.

If the rumored takeover does indeed takes place, then Premier League viewers can expect to add another juicy ‘derby’ on their list from net season.

Unlike Khaled’s takeover pursuit of Newcastle United, the buyout of City by his cousin Mansour was done in utmost secrecy.

According to reports, Sheikh Khaled had also attempted to buy Liverpool F.C. last year for a record estimate of £2 billion which was rejected by the club owners.

After the news of the buyout have started doing rounds in media, the Newcastle United fans are finding it difficult to contain their excitement taking into account the type of success seen by Manchester City ever since the buyout.

The successful takeover of Newcastle would result in the entry of new giants with a whole new tale of rivalry in the Premier League.

However, any new owner would now have to pass the Premier League’s owners’ and directors’ test and stick by the rules of financial fair play which would discourage the free spending habits of the Emiratis.

The club is yet to reach the given stage of agreement but is expected to finish the buyout process pretty soon.


Newcastle fans turn on their MI6 mode to figure out vital details amid takeover rumors

Newcastle fans turn into MI6 as speculation for takeover reaches advanced stages

Amid speculation that the cousin of Manchester City owner is in talks to purchase Newcastle United, the fans have channeled their inner secret service intelligence and have found out about several booking slots for Newcastle airport on Friday.

Interestingly, these slots have been booked from Dubai and the Newcastle fans can’t contain their excitement.

Current owner Mike Ashley has been looking to sell the club since October of 2017. Sheikh Khalid is a billionaire based in United Arab Emirates and the founder of Bin Zayed Group.

“Proposed acquisition”

Bin Zayed Group said “We can confirm the representatives of his Highness Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed al Nahyan are in discussions with Mike Ashley and his team about the proposed acquisition of Newcastle United Football Club.”

“We view it as an honour to have the opportunity to build on the strong support, history and tradition of the club.” We have agreed terms and are working hard to complete the transaction at the earliest opportunity.”

Sheikh Khaled has a family net-worth of around £150billion and he had £2 billion bid for Liverpool rejected last year.

Fans going into MI6 mode

Credit to the fans for their MI6 level intelligence capturing abilities. Understandably and visibly excited, one cannot blame the supporters for their excitement.

Under Mike Ashley, the club has witnessed a lot of under-spending and not many investments being made. The potential owner will surely make an impact although whether it will be as big as his cousin – the owner of Manchester City – we will have to see.

Nonetheless, the Toon faithful are excited. It has been confirmed that talks are in place.

The fans will hope that the takeover is completed as soon as possible. Expect a lot of signings coming in Magpies!

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NBCSN commentator goes wild with Game of Thrones references before Liverpool-Newcastle kick-off

It is true when people say that watching a football match at a stadium is a feeling like no other. The atmosphere, the noise, the fans and the collective power is electric, deafening and empowering to the club that finds its home at said stadium.

But for those less fortunate, watching the game on the TV is the next best thing, with commentators really bringing out a perspective of the game that is like a breath of fresh air.

For those watching the game in the comfort of their homes, commentators really are the unsung heroes of the broadcast. Travelling up and down the country to call games, doing tons of research right up till the final seconds till kick-off and keep us gripped to our seats with words that fuel a plethora of emotions in us, the commentator’s job is one that is overlooked, but one that gives us a lot of memories to savour.

One such commentary came from an NBCSN commentator before the kick-off between a game between Liverpool and Newcastle United in the Premier League.

Right before the kick-off, he produced a moment of brilliant commentary that was fusion between the current situation in the Premier League to the popular TV show Game of Thrones(GoT). It certainly is well worth the listen, as he brings out multiple GoT references during his monologue.

The commentary got a rapturous reception online, given that both the PL and GoT are very popular and are soon to be winding up. Liverpool went on to win the game 3-2 in a topsy-turvy affair at Newcastle.

The win took Liverpool to the top of the table with City yet to play, after which the title would be decide on the final day of the season. The show-stealer, however, was the pre-kickoff commentary.

One would imagine that the commentator pulled an all nighter getting that piece set up for the big game. And his efforts did not go in vain, as he served up a delight.


The Newcastle United stat which has got football fans dumbfounded

Football statistics. There’s just something about the numbers that just gets the fans going. Some dedicate their life towards it, some make a profession out of it, while the rest are just left in awe of the numbers produced and their implications.

While the footballing community drools over individual stats of goalscorers and assist providers, which seem to impress with every passing season, other stats that leave fans speechless are those that pertain to a club. And with players’ stats, it’s always a comparison of the past with the present and the prospect of improvement in the future.

Club statistics, on the other hand, entertain the fans and leave them asking for more. One such club stat that has come to the fore, comes from the Premier League, finding it’s home up north in Newcastle. This statistic is one that leaves fans dumbfounded.

It just so happens that Newcastle United have copied their stats from last season over to the current season, after 35 games. Have a look for yourself as the Magpies have the same number of wins, draws, losses, goals scored and conceded and points accumulated in the 17-18 and the 18-19 season, at the end of 35 rounds.

The only difference between Newcastle then and now is the league position, with them occupying 13th currently, compared to 10th at this stage last season.

This is a mind-boggling statistic indeed, and it has got the fans pondering how such precision is even possible. Some fans are comparing this carbon-copy statistic to the movie “Groundhog Day”. The movie center’s around a man who is caught in a loop, reliving the same day over and over again; similar to how Newcastle managed to duplicate their stats from last season.

How Newcastle managed this feat, is a mystery indeed; but one that has left fans with something to talk about. Regardless of the creepy nature of these facts, the only fact that the Newcastle fans care about is another season in the top flight, secured.


Newcastle United fans loved what Isaac Hayden did after the 2nd goal v Everton

Newcastle United got back to winning ways in the Premier League with a stunning 3-2 comeback win against Everton at St James’s Park last Saturday.

Everton had lost 3 of their 5 matches, with defeats coming against Wolves, Manchester City, and Watford. Toffees though did manage to pull off a potentially title-deciding nil-nil draw against bitter rivals Liverpool.

Everton started strong with an 18th minute Dominic Calvert-Lewin goal. Things really got messy on the pitch in the 29th minute when Jordan Pickford took out Salomon Rondon while trying to punch the ball away. This was a golden chance for the Magpies to level the score. Ritchie hit the penalty low and hard but was brilliantly saved by Pickford. This was the Englishman’s 3rd penalty save of the season.

To make matters worse, Everton doubled their lead the very next minute, courtesy of a Richarlison goal. This meant Newcastle entered half time with a 2 goal deficit. Benitez took out skipper Lascelles and brought in Dummett to enforce an offensive approach in the second half.

20 minutes into the second half they managed to pull one goal when Rondon paired up with Ayoze Perez for a quick one-two. Then on the 81st minute, Perez got a goal for himself as well. Pickford saved Almiron’s initial shot but the ball fell to Perez who put the ball past the goalkeeper.

But Perez’s celebrations were cut short by his fellow teammate Isaac Hayden when he did this:

Hayden called his teammates back to the half line, asking them to concentrate on the game and try bag all the three points.

The fans loved his positive gesture. The 23-year-old English professional has been with the team for 3 seasons now after completing a move from Arsenal in 2016.

In 2013, Arsene Wenger had described Hayden as “a player whose key assets are concentration, intelligence, and strength”. He surely showed all of the above-mentioned traits in the match.

His actions did prove to be fruitful as just two minutes later when Perez scored again. This was the Spaniard’s 6th goal of the campaign.

With two goals and an assist, he did win the man of the match, but Hayden’s gestures won the fans’ hearts. These small actions are a sign of a good leader.

No wonder Benitez is trying his best to keep Isaac at the club after he submitted a transfer request in summer according to Sky Sports.