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Verdict: Newcastle United’s Adidas Originals Range Leaves Arsenal In The Dust

Verdict: Newcastle United’s Adidas Originals Range Leaves Arsenal In The Dust

Adidas has taken control of the shirt manufacturing business for many major European clubs and also sponsors some of the biggest ones in the Premier League.

While they’re focused on creating beautiful kits for the teams to wear, some more focus is now being placed on also glittering up the training attire or retro kits for the footballers or even fans to wear in public.

The fascination over these alternative attires has amplified over the last decade. Adidas, for one, has gotten more and more creative in creating unique attire that stands out from the teams’ home or away kits.

Well, it appears that they have definitely created some eye-catching designs for Newcastle United and Arsenal.

The ones created for Newcastle United really stands through. The Magpies faithful are lucky enough to be graced with a brand new retro kit designed by Adidas.

This retro kit has white and black striped colors, along with black stripes beginning from the shoulder region to the hands.

The attire pays homage to Newcastle’s memorable kit designs from the 20th century and has earned a lot of praise from supporters.

But Adidas have also designed attractive training kits for players to wear in training or warm-up sessions.

The t-shirt has a teal color on the front with a predominantly black design on the shoulder region.

There are also a teal and white color patterns just below the shoulder area. The hoodies or jackets to compliment this t-shirt, however, is a bit of an opposite design.

The warmer attires are predominantly black with shades of white and teal patterned all over. These are complimented with mostly black track pants with a little bit of a white pattern inscribed into it.

Of course, all these attires have the ‘Adidas Original’ logos inscribed into it, as has become a ritual for the manufacturers whenever producing these designs.

These unique kits are earning a lot of praise, with some even wanting the retro kit to replace their 2024/25 home attire.

Arsenal have also become the latest club to get their own ‘Adidas Original’ range of clothing ahead of the 2023/24 campaign. Their attires, however, are significantly different from their actual club colors (red and white).

A leaked version of this upcoming attire shows that the training shirts will have three designs. One will have a dark blue color on the body, along with red stripes on the shoulder region and a very light purple shade on the sleeves.

This will have the Adidas original logo and the logo of a canon, which is a part of Arsenal’s heritage. An alternate version to this will be a dark blue colored kit with white stripes and a maroon shirt sleeves.

This will have a retro Arsenal club logo. The German manufacturers have also created an interesting range where their logo and the Canon logo are placed in the middle.

This kit will be a much darker color. It will be a dark red shirt with white patterns and a darker blue shades all over the sides of the attire. A similar looking hoodie has also been created which will have the exact same design as well.

In comparisons, it’s clear that Newcastle are being blessed with the more attractive special edition kits. The Arsenal ones are being mocked as ‘Spiderman suits’ and something that looks like a fusion of the suits worn by Captain America and Spiderman.

These ‘Avengers Arsenal’ editions does not look authentic at all, nor does it have any similarity to the Gunners’ original club colors.

But Adidas can still expected to earn a decent profit from selling these unconventional kits because of how striking their designs are. These are expected to be rolled out once the 2024/25 season begins and might be around the December period, just in time to make it perfect Christmas gifts.