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Trending: Celtic Pre-Match Top, Man City Maroon Kit and Japan x Y3 Lifestyle Collection

Trending: Celtic Pre-Match Top, Man City Maroon Kit and Japan x Y3 Lifestyle Collection

As the 2024/25 season draws nearer, more and more innovative kits are being released by major football kits manufacturers. This includes that of European heavyweights like Manchester City or an international team like Japan.

With there being a demand for innovation and making football kits stand out from ‘the rest’, manufacturers are always experimenting to realize which works the best. Some of the recently-launched viral kits work out, while others haven’t really gotten the most unanimously positive reactions.

Manchester City

Puma appears to be bringing back the maroon color for Manchester City in the 2024/25 season. A leaked version of what is likely to be their third kit shows that they’ll be donning the maroon color for away European games.

This is going to be a maroon kit with a darker maroon shaded patterns inscribed all over the front of the shirt. It’ll be of a ‘V-neck’ design, while the logos and club crest are colored with a golden touch to give the ‘champions’ effect.

Manchester City have actually donned the ‘maroon’ color on their kits for quite a few years over the last decade or so. In the 2012/13 season, their away attire was maroon. So was their away kit for the 2017/18 campaign. But it appears that Puma’s ‘ode’ has not exactly been a unanimous hit.

Some fans seem to love the unique design and the fact that a maroon attire is returning. But there are also complaints on the strange block patterns that Puma has inscribed all over the kit.

The V-neck design does not seem to have impressed fans either. The Cityzens’ 2023/24 third kit is currently going for a discounted price of £55, but this third kit is definitely going to cost the upwards of £80 upon its release.


Celtic fans appear to be in for a treat in the form of the newest pre-match shirt Adidas has created. Some leaked images of what is likely to be their 2024/25 season pre-match shirt shows the wonderful design that the German designers have come up with.

This is a predominantly green shirt, but what stands out is the impressive artistry of the patterns. It appears that the white patterns draw into the attire are actually inspired by the unifying pre-match huddle of the team that is meant to unify the team with the supporters.

This pre-match shirt is made for players to wear for the warm-up sessions before stepping onto the field for Celtic’s matches next season. But of course, it’ll also be made available to the public. The design has confused some fans, who believe this is an ideal Christmas jumper. But once the players start wearing it during the upcoming campaign, this unconventional t-shirt should sell really well.


Adidas has benefited from a smart partnership with the Y-3 brand when it comes to designing the kits worn by both the Japan men’s and women’s national teams. The brand has had an alliance with famous Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto, whose acclaimed Y-3 brand has a reputation for creating unique, aesthetically pleasing attires.

The Y-3 brand has helped create some beautiful attires for the Japanese football teams before the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. This not only includes the normal kits, but also attires for their lifestyle collection and those that fans can wear almost on any occasion. This includes a two beautiful polo-neck t-shirts which are just slight variations of their home and away kits.

There is a dark blue collared t-shirt with interesting ‘flame patterns’ inscribed in different shapes all over the attire. This one is paired up with identical shorts with the same kind of design. The ‘away’ version this is a beautiful white t-shirt with glaring red flame-like designs all over the body and also the sleeves of the attire.

Unfortunately, these polo-neck lifestyle collection attires are still not available on Adidas’ online retail stores. The normal round-neck kits with a similar design are, however, available for around £125. It’s probably a bit extra costly because of Adidas’ collaboration with the Y-3 brand, which cost them additional making charges – which they’ll need to recuperate somehow.