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Rangers fans cite Klopp example before tearing into Celtic boss Neil Lennon for ‘classless’ behaviour

With all major footballing action coming to a standstill because of the spread of the COVID-19 disease across Europe, many famous personalities and clubs have come forward to communicate their stance on the situation.

The common expression amongst them was that the sport itself plays a subsidiary role given the circumstances and that health and safety of the people must be the priority for every nation.

In the midst of the words of consolation, Celtic Boss Neil Lennon recently came out in a press conference with a statement that has sparked outrage amongst football fans.

While responding to the possible scenario of an early conclusion of the SPFL, Lennon said – “If it was to stop now I would doubt very much that they would say it was null and void.”

“It could be death by a thousand cuts. We have played over 30 games, that’s well over two-thirds of the season so we should be declared champions.”

The Irish manager stressed again that Celtic, who are 13-points clear at the top, should be the worthy winners if the league is to end today.

“Certainly, if you are talking about the Armageddon of the league being cancelled or stopped, it should go on the average points total which would make us clear champions and rightly so.

“We are over 30 games into the season, they are not going to take that away from us.”

While from a sporting point of view, the statement might seem logical to some extent, however, considering the current environment of fear and concern in the public regarding the pandemic, this certainly was not the way or the time to express such views.

Interestingly, Liverpool manager Klopp issued a message on the same day striking a completely different chord than Lennon –

Liverpool last league title win came in the 1989-90 season, while Celtic were eyeing their 9th consecutive league title.

The words from the Celtic boss has provoked a strong reaction not just from the Rangers fans but from supporters of other Premiership clubs as well.

Many found Lennon’s comment lacked class while Klopp’s words struck home. Check out the reaction (be advised for the usage of strong words) below –

As football fans, none of us would be able to easily digest the fact that our favourite teams’ work and effort put into the season might go down in vain.

However, the current requirement for society is to stop the spread of the deadly virus. After all the health of the players and the fans is important if football, as we know, is to continue in future.

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(Video) Celtic fans share footage of the ‘half-time rave’ at Parken arena in Copenhagen

European nights are always a sight to behold with clubs from various corners of the continent battling it out on the big stage.

The atmosphere in and around the stadiums hosting the event is sublime with fans exhilarated to see their sides trade blows with some of the best clubs in Europe.

Such was the case in Parken Stadium as “Tsunami” ripped through the arena in the Europa League clash between FC Copenhagen and Scottish Premiership giants Celtic.

The home and away fans bounced in harmony as the beat dropped in one of the all time greatest EDM tracks ever at half-time.

Celtic fans took to social media to share this euphoric experience in Denmark –

Such is the synergy between the fans, it makes their trip to the stadium worth every penny and sets up the kind of content the internet likes to see.

As for Celtic, they take back home a relatively positive result thanks to Odsonne Edouard’s goal and Fraser Forster’s heroics with the penalty save.

The Celts faithful would envisage repeating the chant in the return leg at the Celtic Park, which, with its capacity of 60,411, would be absolutely deafening.

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Brutal from Celtic fans as they sing x-rated anti-Steven Gerrard chant during Aberdeen win

Steven Gerrard is, without a doubt, one of the greatest players of his generation. He is an automatic lock on the list of Liverpool legends, and is still regarded as one of the greatest captains of all time.

Stevie G, as he is fondly known among the Anfield faithful, had a career at the club that was undeniably spectacular and glittered with success.

Indeed, millions dream of single-handedly leading their team to Champions League glory the way he did against AC Milan back in 2005. Or maybe they aspire to be the sort of player he was when his incredible brace won the game for Liverpool in what is considered one of the greatest FA Cup finals against West Ham back in 2006.

Either way, the man was a conqueror. Everything he touched turned to gold, with one painful exception: the Premier League trophy.

Indeed, throughout his seventeen years at the club, Gerrard failed to lift the league trophy even once, having come second four times.

What he’ll remember, however, is the horror 2013-14 season, were the Reds were in the driving seat throughout the campaign, only to have a shock loss at home to Chelsea, helping Manchester City get to the league title.

More humiliating for Gerrard was that it was a ridiculous slip up, literally, from him that allowed the Blues to win, as the Merseyside club kept waiting for a PL cup to adorn their trophy shelf.

Now, having hung up his boots, Stevie G has had an excellent beginning to his managerial career, coaching Scottish club Rangers with care and shepherding them to second place in their league.

While they are ten points adrift of toppers Celtic, the long-standing rivalry is still very much alive, and reared its head again yesterday.

The incident occurred as Celtic cruised to a regulation 2-1 victory over third placed Aberdeen. Deep into injury time, once the result was confirmed as an absolute certainty, Celtic fans started belting a humorous tune, going along the lines of “have you ever seen Gerrard win the league, have you f**k”, clearly referencing both Gerrard’s failures with Liverpool as well as this year’s title race in the Scottish Premier League. Pure sh*thousery.

The tune was taken up by large sections of the fans and was turned into a rousing cry. It is almost certain to play on the minds of the Rangers faithful, if not Gerrard himself.

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Spitting Fire: Odsonne Edouard performance highlights vs Motherwell with Zone 2’s ‘No Censor’ in the background

Odsonne Edouard- a bit of a late bloomer, to be sure, but this lad can play football, alright.

At just twenty two years of age, could Celtic already have, in their hands, the best player in all of the current Scottish Premier League?

Motherwell gaffer Stephen Robinson certainly seems to think so, and he should know; on Wednesday night, he had a dugout view of his hapless side being pummeled 4-0 as Celtic stretched their lead by seven points at the top on the back of an inspired performance by the young Frenchman, who scored a clinical strike before converting a fantastic free kick effort later on.

It is a compelling case to be made, Edouard being top dog in the league, considering he has all the talents in the world required of a top notch striker.

An exquisite first touch? Check. Footwork sophisticated enough to weave through entire swathes of defenders like they were stationary traffic cones? Check. Raw pace to have done so without the opposition realising what the heck just whizzed past them? Of course.

Most important in his array of lethal skills, however, is an incredible eye for goal and a voracious appetite for them.

All of these qualities were shown in abundance on Wednesday, as the highlight reel shows, and other teams have a lot to worry about; the boy has shown an alarming amount of consistency, netting an incredible twenty goals and five assists in the twenty two games that he’s played in the league this season.

Rather fitting then, that his feats were shown with notorious drill group Zone 2’s ‘No Censor’ playing, a gang song so absolutely hard hitting and abrasive in nature that UK authorities tried multiple times to take it off of all platforms.

One must say, the apocalyptic track perfectly compliments the highlight reel: both are absolutely notorious.

Robinson even refused to blame his defenders, admitting that they had undergone “a horrible experience” and that Edouard was, at times, simply “unplayable”.

The scary part? Boss Neil Lennon insists that the young talent can only get much, much better.

The world is certainly looking forward to this bright spark realizing his full potential; it would be an absolute joy to watch him play at his best.

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This footage of Celtic fans singing “we shall not be moved” during Hamilton win is an absolute belter

Football is made beautiful not just by the men and women on the pitch but also due to the presence of ones on the stands. Fans play an integral role in building an ecstatic atmosphere in the games and add that extra flavour to it.

They are the reason why some teams can be rock solid at home while inconsistent down the road.

When it comes to a club like Celtic, fans have a reason to have that exceptional sense of pride and passion. The atmosphere created by the Celtic faithful, be it at home or the away end, is a joy to watch.

This clip involving the fans at Celtic’s Premiership match against Hamilton is going viral:

Fans can be heard chanting –

“We shall not, we shall not be moved,
We shall not, we shall not be moved.
Not by the Hearts, the Hibs or the Rangers,
We shall not be moved.”

Celtic fans around the globe are loving it.

The Hoops have a special reason to believe so.

Celtic have topped Scotland’s top flight a whopping fifty times.

They’re on a current streak of six league titles and three cup titles in a row.

Historically, the only club that stands comparable to the Hoops are Rangers.

The club is en route to lifting their seventh successive league title as Celtic sit at the top of the table with a comfortable 7 point lead ahead of Rangers.

Meanwhile, the fans will keep standing behind their team in hopes of witnessing yet another prosperous season for the club.

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(Video) Did the commentator say Celtic were “taking the piss” out of Hamilton?

Commentating is a job that has a lot more to it than it seems on the surface. As the game becomes fast-paced, so need to be the lips of the men holding the mike.

This may lead to some hilarious moments.

From random fumbles to clash of opinions to uncontrollable laughter, there can be many embarrassing moments for a commentator.

However, the commentator in Celtic’s match against Hamilton brought us yet another uniquely hilarious commentary moment.

The clip has been gaining a lot of attention on social media and the only words the ears can muster, even after loads of replays, are “taking”, “the”, “piss”. This certainly would have had live viewers convulsed with laughter.

Surely the commentator could not have said that Celtic were “taking the piss” right before James Forrest’s goal in 4-1 thrashing of Hamilton in the Scottish Premiership.

However, there seems to be an explanation that might save the commentator’s blemishes.

Although James Forrest connected with Odsonne Edouard’s cutback to score the goal, Leigh Griffiths was queuing in line right behind Forrest. Upon providing this context, it does seem that the commentator was trying to say “To Griffiths”.

Nevertheless, one cannot take the former perspective out of their heads, once heard and hey, who isn’t up for a good laugh when presented the opportunity.

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(Video) Celtic duo involved in one of the coolest celebrations ever during Hearts win

Celtic FC moved 5 points clear of rivals Rangers with a comfortable 2-0 victory over Hearts yesterday.

Neil Lennon’s side looked in control for most part of the game as first-half goals from Ryan Christie and Olivier Ntcham helped them further the gap at the top of the Scottish Premiership.

The win at Celtic Park marks the Champions’ 9th win on the trot and the dominant performance from their side gave the home fans plenty to cheer about.

Aside from the well taken goals, fans were also treated to a brilliant new celebration from Jeremie Frimpong and Ryan Christie following the former’s goal in the 28th minute.

After smashing the ball past Joel Pereira, Christie looked absolutely in sync with Frimpong as the two turned on the style to celebrate taking the lead with a groovy new handshake.

Check out the cool new celebration from Frimpong and Christie here:

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Daily Record admin maligns Celtic legend while showing clear bias towards Rangers on Facebook

While managing football accounts it’s imperative that admins remain neutral and do not let their personal allegiances cloud the integrity of their work.

But one of admins of the Daily Record’s Facebook page clearly couldn’t keep their emotions out of the way while posting a story featuring Celtic legend Gary Caldwell’s recent comments about Gers captain James Tavernier.

The team handling the social media wing of the Scottish tabloid has been facing the wrath of Hoops fans after an admin made a personal comment mocking the Hoops legend while using the official account of Daily Record.

The incident came in the aftermath of Celtics’ 1-0 win over the Gers in the Scottish League Cup final after Caldwell called out the current Rangers captain, who he had managed at Wigan Athletic, for his lack of leadership qualities during an interview with BBC.

The clearly biased comment on Facebook has led Hoops fans to question the integrity of the team handling Daily Record’s Facebook page and many on Twitter have called for action to be taken against those responsible.

Absolute lapse from the admins! Check out the comment from Daily Record admin here:


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Jeremie Frimpong drops the f-bomb while celebrating Celtic’s League Cup win against Rangers

Even while Brendan Rodgers is hundreds of miles away making the foxes fly at the King Power, his former club Celtic is showing no signs of slowing down and created history with an iconic 10th consecutive domestic trophy on Sunday.

Former player and current manager Neil Lennon oversaw his club’s 4th straight League Cup triumph during the weekend after Celtic pulled off a hard-fought 1-0 victory over Steven Gerrard’s Rangers side.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for the Hoops though with the Gers missing a number of chances including a penalty and ultimately failed to utilise their numerical advantage after Jeremie Frimpong was sent off just after the hour mark.

The former Manchester City man has been turning some heads with his performances for the club and put in another solid display against their fierce rivals, although the 18-year-old showed his inexperience with a lunging tackle on Alfredo Morelos inside the box.

But with the Colombian missing from the spot and his side going on to win the cup, the Dutchman would have surely been relived and seemed to be absolutely buzzing after the full time whistle.

Cameras caught the youngster absolutely enjoying the moment and his reaction has been well received by Hoops fans after a clip of his wild celebrations on the pitch made it to Twitter.

Now that’s how you celebrate winning a cup! Check out a short video of Frimpong’s celebrations here:

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Poli Lasi takes mind games to next level by making ball boys wear Celtic tops for match against CFR Cluj

Romanian club FC Poli Lasi bizarrely took mind games to the next level as all the ball boys in the home stadium were made to wear to Celtic shirts (see tweet below) to remind their opponents on the evening CFR Cluj of their 2-0 defeat against Celtic in the Europa league three weeks ago.

Celtic dominated CFR Cluj when the clubs met on 3rd october with Mohamed Elyounoussi and Odsonne Edouard getting the goals and now Poli Lasi wanted to reopen old wounds with this latest stunt.

The mind games might have worked as Poli Lasi ran out 2-1 winners against CFR Cluj.

Cluj still sit on top of the league but other clubs may employ the same tactic to distract Cluj in order to win.

Some fans were quick to point out that there could be a possibility that the ball boys wearing Celtic shirts was just a coincidence and that Poli Lasi use the shirts in training which were then given to the ball boys.

Other fans saw the funny side and thought it was a brilliant idea to distract the opposition in order to win the game.


Rangers boss Steven Gerrard looking the part – Fans reckon “levels” above his Celtic counterpart

Rangers fans just can’t stop rubbing the handsomeness of their manger on their Celtic counterparts

Footballing rivalries are no joke. Greater the rivalry greater the banter amongst fans.

Fans leave absolutely no stone unturned when it comes to putting down their rivals.

The Celtic-Rangers rivalry – referred as the “Old Firm” – is one of the biggest in modern football.

The 2 Scottish giants often compete against the other on various fronts and it seems Rangers fans have taken the charge this time with hilarious comparisons between the managers of the two sides. Check out the tweets below –

Steven Gerrard was appointed as the new Rangers boss last season. The Liverpool legend is quite the fashionista and even launched his own fashion label SGG Apparel in November last year.

So it’s no surprise that his dressing sense seems to be often on point and definitely camera/paparazzi ready.

For example, he and his staff looked quite dapper in the Rangers tour of Portugal (Twitter).

On the other hand, while Neil Lennon might’ve won several titles with Celtic his dressing sense is well, a little old fashioned.



Photo – The stunning new addition to Celtic WAGs FC after Maryan Shved’s arrival

Despite the departure of fan-favorite Mikael Lustig after 8 years of service to the club, Celtic supporters have things coming up for them to cheer about. Their new signing Maryan Shved has arrived in Glasgow with his family, as he postponed his summer holidays to train with his new teammates. 

An adorable family of three has earned quite a following on their arrival in Parkhead, especially his gorgeous wife Olya Shved.

Adding to Celtic’s stunning WAGs list, the blonde beauty appears to be an Instagram model. Recently the 21-year-old winger shared a family snap in the training ground in which Olya’s looks have taken Glasgow by storm. 

Celtic will look to continue their unprecedented eighth domestic title defence with the Ukrainian international now adding to their attacking flair.  S

Shved comes with a reputation on the back of solid season scoring 15 and assisting 4 goals for Karpaty Lviv.

Signed for £2 million, the right winger will fly out with the rest of the squad later this week for their preseason games in Austria and Switzerland. 

Check out the photos of Shved’s stunning better half below –


Celtic fans will love how pumped up Scott Sinclair is to make it ‘9 in a row’

Celtic finished the 2018-19 season by gloriously winning the treble. The Glasgow club created history by becoming the first club to pull off 3 domestic treble winning seasons.

The Bhoys have been bringing home arms full of accomplishments & if one thinks that they are exhausted, they are wrong.

Sinclair’s Determination

Recently Scott Sinclair posted on his social media accounts and showed his readiness to get back to practice to clinch the 9th consecutive League title.

The Celtic fans are pumped to see the eagerness in their players to push for 9IAR. They are already wishing luck to Scott urging him to move forward boldly with his dream.

Scott Sinclair has been one of the crucial men as the club achieved the feat of ‘treble treble’. The Englishman has had 127 appearances during that time and netted 52 goals. That makes him the top scorer of the ‘treble treble’ period.

What is remarkable is that he is not even a striker but he has scored on an average 17 goals a season.

Sinclair didn’t just achieve the title of the top scorer. He also managed to score 3 hat-tricks during the ‘treble treble’ years.

Scott has been committed to the club ever since his transfer from Aston Villa in 2016. He was benched towards the end of the season but the fans are hoping for Sinclair’s return in the coming season.

Their hopes are further being emboldened by his grit & determination for 9IAR.

Old Record of 9IAR

If Scott & the Bhoys win the 2019-20 season they would equal their own record of 9IAR which they earned during seasons 1965-66 to 1973-74. With more players sharing the same determination as Scott, hopefully the Bhoys will be able to break their own record in the coming years.


“Don’t sell Ntcham” goes viral after rumours of the Frenchman removing all Celtic content on Instagram

Olivier Ntcham has been all over the news with a move away from Celtic after the Frenchman removed all his posts related to Celtic on Instagram.

The 23-year-old midfielder had signed for Manchester City in 2015 followed by a two-year loan with Italian side Genoa.

The Frenchman then switched allegiances to Celtic in 2017 after which he signed a contract extension keeping him with the Scottish side till 2022.

Ntcham has mostly impressed with his performances for the Glasgow giants and even amassed 12 goals and 3 assists in 78 appearances for the club in all competitions.

However, Ntcham has dropped a big hint of a move away from Celtic as he unfollowed all his teammates on Instagram, including compatriot Odsonne Edouard (Daily Record).

The former Cityzen was tipped to be an impactful player in the Hoops’ squad after his arrival for a price of £4 million becoming the most expensive signing in ten years at Parkhead.

Ntcham scored only six goals for the Scottish side last season after suffering from an unfortunate injury in January.

Jackie McNamara’s verdict rings true

Jackie McNamara, a former coach and player for the the Scottish international team had predicted back in May saying that he wouldn’t be surprised if the Frenchman leaves this summer.

He summed up Ntcham’s season claiming that the 23-year-old was suffering through the “second-season syndrome” (This Is Futbol).

“I think last year he did really well, he came into it, he looked a fantastic midfielder,” McNamara said. “This year he’s tailed off and the last few games – I watched the game last week – he didn’t look sharp or on it in the game fitness wise.

“Maybe it’s second season syndrome, sometimes a player comes in, the first season they’re incredible, the second year, it usually happens with the younger ones… Whether or not he can regain his form next year, if he’s still there – that’s the big thing.

“I don’t see why not,” McNamara added when asked if Ntcham could leave. “You want the best players playing at their peak, that might be why he was linked to a move in January and didn’t happen – maybe wait till the summer and that might be in the back of his mind as well.”

“Don’t sell Ntcham”

Although the player has been criticised for not performing well in the second season, the fans seem to be reluctant to see the Frenchman leave Glasgow this summer with “Don’t sell Ntcham” video going viral amid rumours.

Check it out below –

Celtic fans are going to love these “treble-treble” sneakers in collaboration with New Balance

Celtic Football Club have collaborated with kit manufacturers New Balance for a special edition of their 997H sneakers.

The sneakers are very vibrant featuring the primary club colours – Green and White while also featuring shades of Grey and Gold. A mix of history with elegance and royalty.

The colour-way celebrates the incredible feat achieved by the Bhoys, the remarkable “Treble of Trebles”

The Glasgow club have won every Scottish domestic honour available for the past three seasons. Something that was never done before and may never likely happen again. A true footballing masterclass that is going to implant itself in the Scottish footballing history.

The gold strip passing through the middle is a brilliant touch to commemorate their victories and achievements.

The sole of the shoe as well as the tongue feature the iconic club crest that mentions the year of establishment and the legendary four leaf clover that has been ever-present when linked with Celtic.

The fans are surely going to add this pair to their collections. An incredible feat that may never occur again, it is the perfect way for the fans to remember the “Treble of Trebles”.

Despite losing their manager, they maintained to continue their dominance. Their victory against Hearts in the Scottish Cup Final confirmed their historic “Treble of Trebles”.

The Hoops topped the Scottish Premiership 8 points clear of rivals Rangers. A 1-0 League Cup victory over Aberdeen earlier this year marked the start to their journey of excellent consistency.

The sneakers are available for pre-order exclusively on the Celtic Football Club web store. They are priced at £85 GBP. Check out more pictures below –


Photo – Mikael Lustig with his hands on his head before Edouard’s goal for Celtic

If you’re a Celtic fan, you’re probably still buzzing from the 2-1 win against Hearts in the Scottish Cup final. The treble of trebles!

Never done before and may never happen again, Celtic FC are at the pinnacle of Scottish football. To win the league, League Cup and the Scottish Cup 3 times in 3 years is truly an incredible feat.

Mikael Lustig knew Celtic were about to create history

You can see below what it meant to vice-captain Mikael Lustig. Lustig knew that the ball was going in and put his arms on his head to show disbelief.

He could not believe that it was happening. The emotions are truly visible.

Lustig with his hands on his head before Edouard's goal for Celtic

The determination and hard-work required to be at the top for so long and showcase such amazing consistency is really worth mentioning.

Players such as Kieran Tierney and Odsonne Edouard are young exciting stars that are capturing the eyes of top European clubs.

Celtic has been dominating Scottish Football and it looks like they are going to continue their dominance for a while. The Bhoys have been the most consistent and competitive team in the Scottish and off late, due to Rangers being in poor form, Celtic have been able to create history that will most likely not happen again.

Pre-season plans

The Celtic players will have some well deserved rest now as the season has come to an end. They will return to the club and prepare for the next season with training camps in Switzerland and Austria. They will face SC Pinkafeld, Wiener Neustadt and FC St. Gallen.


Mikael Lustig in tears after the reporter asked him if this would be his last game for Celtic

Celtic defeated Hearts with a 2-1 scoreline to win the Scottish Cup on Saturday. In doing so, they became the first club ever to sweep the domestic treble 3 times consecutively.

Highlights Of The Match

Hearts player Sean Clare gave a back-heel pass to Edwards who netted the first goal of the game striking fear in the the hearts of the Bhoys.

In the 62nd minute Odsonne Edouard got Celtic back on level terms when he converted a penalty into a successful goal. In the dying minutes of the match, Mikael Lustig assisted with a long-headed clearance which Edouard gracefully put at the back of the net. The Frenchman, with assistance from Lustig, made sure it was a memorable day for the Celtic.

Many claimed that Swedish international Mikael Lustig was perhaps playing his last game for the club. After 8 years of service, the centre-back broke down in tears when a reporter asked him about his time at the club & the duration of his stay.

Club Stats

It would be an understatement to say that Lustig is massive among the Hoops faithful and a favorite with manager Neil Lennon as well. The reason are the stats itself. He aided the club to win:

  • Scottish Premiership (8)
  • Scottish Cup (4)
  • Scottish League Cup (4)

Emotional Day

Lustig has had a decorated club career since his arrival in 2011. His recent form on the pitch might not have been as good as the supporters would have wanted but his popularity amongst the fans still remains strong.

Check out the tweets below –