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Celtic Fans Lit Up Dens Park With Epic Rendition Of Sam Song

Celtic Fans Lit Up Dens Park With Epic Rendition Of Sam Song

Fans are what makes football spread its wings in all glory. Without them any sport would not be worth much. Football fans have been known to be fanatics.

While talking about fanatic football fans, it is impossible not to mention the Celtic F.C. crowd. The Scottish club’s fans are on a whole another level altogether.

It is not only a general consensus but even Leo Messi has testified to their imposing presence, “I’ve been fortunate to play in some great stadiums in Europe with Barcelona, but none compare to Celtic. The atmosphere their fans create makes it a very special European night of football.”

Celtic fans, also called The Bhoys, are known for their chants worldwide. ‘I just can’t get enough’, ‘This is how it feels to be celtic’, ‘You will never walk alone’ are few of the all time hits that usually resonate around the grounds.

But this time the Celts are in the news for a rendition of SAM song. Their team was up 2 goals and enjoying the away game vs Dundee F.C. with the victory almost ensured. The fans presented a rendition of the classic ‘Up the RA’ that buzzed Dens Pak for about 8-10 minutes straight.

This particular song in question is called ‘The SAM song’ and was originally sung by the Irish Rebels during their rebellion against the British empire.

Lyrics to the song go something like:

Well I have been a Provo now for fifteen years or more
Of armalites and mortar bombs I thought I knew the score
Now we have a weapon we’ve never used before
The Brits are looking worried, and they’re going to worry more
Tiocfaidh ár lá, sing up the ‘RA (Ooh, ah, up the ‘RA! Ooh ah up the ‘RA!)
SAM missiles in the sky…

Although now, the song is not sung exactly the same and there have been many renditions and live versions of the original.

Even the one being sung by the Celts in yesterday’s match is a varied version of the original. Usually, ‘Sing up the ‘RA (Ooh, ah, up the ‘RA! Ooh ah up the ‘RA!)’ chorus is what is kept as is and a chant/song is built around it.

SAM songs, for those of you who haven’t heard about them, are Irish folk songs. SAM is an abbreviation used for Surface to Air Missiles which are known to be used during wars.

‘Up the RA’ is a chant that relates to the support of IRA (Irish Republican Army) and as you can guess does not sit well with some, especially the British.

It is considered offensive to the victims of The Troubles-IRA era and brings back memories of the atrocities committed during the same.

The Hoops fans have been warned plenty of times by the British police about how chanting of the slogan or song might lead to criminal proceeding and arrests in their territory.

Some supporters who couldn’t make it to the away support stands, were witnessing the scenes on Tv and were delighted with it. Turning to social media they deemed it as all time best rendition of the song till date. Even Joe Hart was seen applauding it.

Celtic still use it as an umbrella toast to republicanism or jokingly even and it does seem to lift their spirit. It is always a sight to behold when the Bhoys are in full gear and joining them during a match seems to be on on top the ‘to do list’ for many.