This footage of Celtic fans singing “we shall not be moved” during Hamilton win is an absolute belter

Football is made beautiful not just by the men and women on the pitch but also due to the presence of ones on the stands. Fans play an integral role in building an ecstatic atmosphere in the games and add that extra flavour to it.

They are the reason why some teams can be rock solid at home while inconsistent down the road.

When it comes to a club like Celtic, fans have a reason to have that exceptional sense of pride and passion. The atmosphere created by the Celtic faithful, be it at home or the away end, is a joy to watch.

This clip involving the fans at Celtic’s Premiership match against Hamilton is going viral:

Fans can be heard chanting –

“We shall not, we shall not be moved,
We shall not, we shall not be moved.
Not by the Hearts, the Hibs or the Rangers,
We shall not be moved.”

Celtic fans around the globe are loving it.

The Hoops have a special reason to believe so.

Celtic have topped Scotland’s top flight a whopping fifty times.

They’re on a current streak of six league titles and three cup titles in a row.

Historically, the only club that stands comparable to the Hoops are Rangers.

The club is en route to lifting their seventh successive league title as Celtic sit at the top of the table with a comfortable 7 point lead ahead of Rangers.

Meanwhile, the fans will keep standing behind their team in hopes of witnessing yet another prosperous season for the club.