Peak sh*thousery as Liverpool player shares illegal streaming link to watch Shrewsbury game after FA’s media blackout


It’s no secret that the FA is on a crusade when it comes to what it perceives as an abysmal lack of interest from the top tier clubs.

Yes, with a gradual decline in viewership of it’s once premier event, the FA Cup, one understands its grouse. However, this ain’t the sixties anymore.

Modern football requires clubs to be on their toes, throwing a jam-packed schedule at them, sometimes consisting of two or three European competitions.

To be frank, it was nearly inevitable for the FA to slide down the pecking order the way it did, having made no effort to better itself, and it shouldn’t be harbouring any resentment for that.

But does the archaic association understand this? Not quite.

The association has now trained its guns on the current darling of the football world, Liverpool FC.

For everyone else, the Red juggernaut can do absolutely no wrong, but the FA considers itself being treated with disdain by a team that keeps sending second, even third string players to the cup.

And how does it respond to this, you may ask. Very childishly is the answer.

The FA thought it was being rather smart when, for Liverpool’s tie yesterday against Shrewsbury (which they won 1-0, by the way), it apparently decided to pull out all the networks from covering the match.

You either had to listen to it on the radio, be there, or be square.

This, of course, did not sit well with Adrian, who decided to indulge in some shithousery of his own on his Instagram account.

The second-choice goalkeeper put out a story openly asking fans to check out a link where they could stream the match illegally, for free.

This, when governing bodies are cracking down severely on pirates and illegal streamers around the world, some even being handed life sentences.

And we haven’t gotten to the good bit: in another story, he showed himself actually watching the match.

What’s more, he tagged the FA Cup’s official handle.

Lord above, talk about not giving a damn about repercussions, which are undoubtedly going to be there.

By Prahlad Rao

Extremely passionate about all things football (NOT soccer), I have been working as a freelance journalist for five years now. I am massively invested in the English leagues and would very much like the present season to make a comeback on the telly, thank you.

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