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Photo: Porto fans share love for Jurgen Klopp after a beautiful gesture from the German

Photo: Porto fans share love for Jurgen Klopp after a beautiful gesture from the German

Football is all about respect. It is multi-faceted in a sense that it not just about players. There is respect between fans, clubs, management, sentiments and a lot more. It’s what makes the “Beautiful Game” that much more captivating to watch and enjoy. The game is about honor and regard, and no matter the result, the real victory goes to football.

Even when rivals face off, there is still bag loads of respect shown. Right from the exchange of pennants before kick-off till the scenes post-match, honor is preserved. It’s something that unites clubs, fans and players alike. Something that does go overlooked most of the time; away from the action on the pitch, is acts of reverence on the sidelines.

Warm embraces between staff before the game, respectful handshakes after the game, clubs addressing a rival managers’/clubs’ achievements, guards of honor, observing a minute’s silence for those no longer with us – all these acts are met with a smile on the face and satisfies the soul.

One such moment that occurred recently, was in the Champions League second-leg of the quarter final between Porto and Liverpool. Porto were celebrating 125 years of their existence with a commemorative symbol placed on the turf. Pictures show Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp walking around the symbol on his path, making sure to avoid stepping on it.

It really was a mark of utmost respect from Klopp to pay attention to such details, on a night that was important for him and Liverpool, as they progressed through to the semis with a 6-1 aggregate score.

Liverpool may have won the tie convincingly, but Klopp won the hearts of Reds and Porto fans alike with this gesture. Porto fans were in awe of the German for his gesture and were quick to appreciate it on social media.

Although the world is divided by clubs and rivalries, its moments like this that unites us all. More than being a game of glory, the game truly is, about respect. Here are a few respectful moments in football –