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Should Jurgen Klopp join politics after football? Former Labour aide thinks so

Should Jurgen Klopp join politics after football? Former Labour aide thinks so

A German in British politics? Odd you say? One man begs to differ. And he has a long list of reasons for it. 

Alastair Campbell, the press secretary of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, believes that Jurgen Klopp is an ideal fit for leading the charge in the British parliament. Mr Campbell recently offered his incomparable admiration and adulation for the Liverpool manager and wants him in politics as soon as possible. 

Mr Campbell isn’t just blown away by the consistency of positive outcomes of the German manager but also the respect and love he receives from his players and fans alike. Everyone has nothing but heaps of praise for Jurgen Klopp and that needs to be appreciated since he’s the first manager in a while to have an entire football-crazy city of Liverpool by his side who follow and admire his every word and move.

Let us be clear on one thing: Mr Campbell is not a Liverpool fan. He’s a Burnley fanatic who does not have a long resume of favourable outcomes against the Reds. But keeping his loyalty aside, Mr Campbell loves Klopp’s passion for football and applauds his impeccable man-management techniques. He touts him as a leader who has built an unplayable squad of players who listen to him and in return, receive hugs, smiles, and huge pats on their back every time they play.

Klopp is an ultimate people person. He cares for his players, family, staff, and fans. A quality that every leader should possess, as per Mr Campbell.

When Klopp came to Liverpool, he had a vision and only expected patience from everyone around to implement his plans. He promised to the Liverpool faithful that he will not disappoint and now everyone associated with Liverpool seems to be reaping the benefits of a man whose self-belief was indistinguishable.

For Mr Campbell, Klopp’s smile also does the trick for him and when his team is up against the wall, Klopp is animated to pull them together and deliver.  

When Mr. Campbell interviewed Trent Alexander Arnold for GQ magazine, the young right-back had this to say about his manager. “He is unbelievable. Just everything about him in every way. As a person, as a manager. Just unbelievable. He’s a loving person, you can see that he’s someone who cares about the people around him. He keeps our mentality 100%. He makes sure that the message is instilled in us every single day to make sure that we’re our best.” 

According to Mr Campbell, Klopp isn’t full of lies. He gives it straight to everyone around him. This is a trait that Mr Campbell believes is missing from the leaders in the English political circle who lie and deceive to hold control. If it were up to him, Mr Campbell would personally escort Klopp to a seat in the British Parliament, but for now, he has to wait because Klopp is on the path to achieving something magical with the Reds. 

Good luck in your pursuit of the quadruple. And I hope that, once the trophy cupboard is overflowing, you think about going into politics. Our country needs you!” Klopp has recently signed a new contract with Liverpool which keeps him at the club until 2026, which means politics can wait while football takes the driving seat.