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Rangers tweet mourning death of Celtic legend Billy McNeill shows football has no boundaries

Rangers tweet mourning death of Celtic legend Billy McNeill shows football has no boundaries

Football is packed with rivalries. And the nature of these can be varied – ranging from local derbies to the shared history between clubs or even, just a competitiveness to be the best. The existence of such rivalries makes football that much more entertaining to watch and experience. There is beauty in the fact that for every rivalry contested, there is a victor, gaining something more than the vanquished; regardless of the circumstances or the result.

The greatest rivalry ever in Scottish football has to be, Celtic versus Rangers. It also makes a case for being the most fiercely contested rivalry in Scotland, if not, the world. The Old Firm derby never ceases to entertain, and is fueled by the history Rangers and Celtic share, paired with the disgust that both sets of fans have towards each other.

But sometimes, even this shared hatred crumbles over greater concerns. One must understand that regardless of the dynamics between clubs, there are some issues that take precedence. How the clubs react to such situations show the world that football is more than just a game; it is greater than that and that it has no boundaries. Divided by clubs, but united by the beautiful game.

It became known to the footballing world that Celtic legend Billy McNeill, who was battling dementia since 2017, passed away on April 22, 2019, aged 79. It was a sad day for Celtic and the the footballing community, as one of the greats departed this world. Rangers FC, showed a touch of class by paying their respects towards the legend in a post on Twitter and also had an article on McNeill written on their official website. Kudos to Rangers for this mark of respect!

This gesture really is a class act from Rangers, and was duly appreciated by both sets of fans. It drives home the fact that despite all their differences on the pitch and the history and the rivalry, football unites the world in times like this.

It shows that football has no boundaries, and when sentiments are touched, the football community acts as a family to help those affected get through tough times.