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Viral video of Joe Worrall saying “F*** Celtic” looks like an edit job

Viral video of Joe Worrall saying “F*** Celtic” looks like an edit job

It is evident to the football community that fans of Rangers hate Celtic, and vice versa. “Hate” probably doesn’t do justice to the feelings shared between both clubs’ fans. So when these two Scottish giants meet, there’s a tension in the air, end to end action on the pitch and havoc in the aftermath.

When these two sides met recently in the SPFL at Celtic Park, fans and viewers around the world were not disappointed as the game lived up to its reputation.

Celtic won the game 2-1 with a late goal from James Forrest. It wasn’t the result that caught the eye, but the events in the game that shaped the way the game panned out.

Scott Brown was in the thick of the action, winding up the Rangers players and fans, involved in three incidents that led to two Rangers players (Morelos and Halliday) getting sent off and Ryan Kent receiving ban for lashing out at Brown.

With the game more than a week old and the emotions still fresh in the minds of fans and players alike, any indication of the dust settling was thrown out the window with a video of Rangers player Joe Worrall emerging on social media.

The video shows what appears to be Rangers defender Worrall with a female companion. As the focus pans to Worrall, he is seen “giving the finger” and saying, “F*** Celtic”.

While this is met with cheers and support by Rangers fans, closer inspection of the video suggests something else. Even though the audio points to him saying the expletive, the video shows him mouthing something else, which is quite difficult to decipher given the apparent voice-over (Chinese whispers is a game that gets you every time).

It is very likely that this was a prank by Rangers fans still harboring hard feelings from the defeat a week ago, but nevertheless, it has got the Rangers fans elated.

This just shows that fans of rival teams just love it when the old enemy takes a hit, be it results on the pitch or the wars contested off it. Is there a more heated game in football than Rangers-Celtic?

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