Clive Tyldesley goes viral for his comment WRT Celtic while covering Rangers v Kilmarnock

Legendary commentator Clive Tyldesley claimed that winning the 55th title should be the motivation for Rangers this season rather than stopping Celtic winning their ’10th in a row’.

The former ITV man also mentioned how Rangers ‘weren’t even there for four seasons’ as Celtic won 9 straight SPFL titles.

The newly appointed commentator has been a massive hit for the work he has done with Rangers TV since his arrival and this recent quote from the Englishman is bound to take his stock further up with Gers faithful.

While covering Rangers’ 2-0 win against Kilmarnock yesterday, Tyldesley said – “my personal view, for what its worth, is that stopping 10 in a row is not a motivation. Motivation for me is a positive energy, it’s what you can achieve, not what you can stop or prevent.”

“55 should be the magic number for this season not 10. Rangers weren’t even in the Premiership for 4 of those Celtic seasons.”

Having played two games more than Celtic, Rangers find themselves at the top of the Scottish Premiership table at the moment.

Check out the video of Tyldesley’s commentary below –