Marcelo Bielsa stops to repair a punctured tyre as LUFC fan recounts admirable story about Leeds boss

A personality like Marcelo Bielsa has now become somewhat of a rare occurrence in the football world.

The Argentine coach has managed and won with some of the biggest teams, and yet, he exudes a strong sense of modesty and humbleness which remains unparalleled on the big stage.

The 65-year-old’s character is as unorthodox as he is with his footballing tactics and methods of preparation.

In a picture that recently went viral among the Leeds faithful, Bielsa was spotted taking a bus to Thorp Arch, despite being on a multi-million-pound contract under one of the most renowned clubs in English football.

Marcelo Bielsa is genuinely a man of class and is highly self-effacing with his gestures of kindness towards the fans.

However, the people who get influenced by his ambience, can’t help themselves but share those beautiful moments of wholesomeness with the rest of the world.

Once such person got to be the witness of that as Twitter user @shan_alaw shared a unique moment of her brother with the Leeds United manager.

Having picked up a puncture on his bike during a ride out, one Leeds fans, who belonged in the army, was fascinated to see ‘god’ appear in his moment of need.

Marcelo Bielsa saw the man struggling with a punctured tyre beside the road and took the time to offer him some much-needed help.

Although it isn’t clear whether Bielsa was able to repair the bike, he did manage to give the Leeds faithful a moment he’ll never forget.