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(Video) Did the commentator say Celtic were “taking the piss” out of Hamilton?

(Video) Did the commentator say Celtic were “taking the piss” out of Hamilton?

Commentating is a job that has a lot more to it than it seems on the surface. As the game becomes fast-paced, so need to be the lips of the men holding the mike.

This may lead to some hilarious moments.

From random fumbles to clash of opinions to uncontrollable laughter, there can be many embarrassing moments for a commentator.

However, the commentator in Celtic’s match against Hamilton brought us yet another uniquely hilarious commentary moment.

The clip has been gaining a lot of attention on social media and the only words the ears can muster, even after loads of replays, are “taking”, “the”, “piss”. This certainly would have had live viewers convulsed with laughter.

Surely the commentator could not have said that Celtic were “taking the piss” right before James Forrest’s goal in 4-1 thrashing of Hamilton in the Scottish Premiership.

However, there seems to be an explanation that might save the commentator’s blemishes.

Although James Forrest connected with Odsonne Edouard’s cutback to score the goal, Leigh Griffiths was queuing in line right behind Forrest. Upon providing this context, it does seem that the commentator was trying to say “To Griffiths”.

Nevertheless, one cannot take the former perspective out of their heads, once heard and hey, who isn’t up for a good laugh when presented the opportunity.