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LFC Or MUFC, Which Premier League Team Has The Highest Viewership In UK?

LFC Or MUFC, Which Premier League Team Has The Highest Viewership In UK?

Over the course of time, Premier League has become the most prominent football league system in the world and enjoys an ever-increasing fan base.

Needless to say, Premier League teams enjoy the royalty status too, and rightfully so. But, have you ever thought about which Premier League team has the highest viewership?

Well, I read ExpressVPN’s study to find out and I’ll be sharing my findings below. So, keep reading! 

Manchester United

Yes, Manchester United hasn’t won the Premier League since 2012-13. But, even after that, this team enjoys the most viewership in the UK!

No other football team in the world has managed to sell its merchandise as much as Machester United. I mean, take a look at the absurd amounts of T-shirts that Manchester United sells! After that, take another look at the number of people that follow this team on social media– no other team has been able to top that.

In fact, even Forbes has claimed that United is the most valuable team with its value touching $4.6 billion. 


After Manchester United, the most-watched Premier League team is Chelsea. This team’s popularity and value skyrocketed after it was bought by Roman Abramovich in 2003. 

Under Abramovich’s stewardship, Chelsea has won two Champions League and several Premier League titles. Chelsea’s trademark blue jerseys have the world obsessed with them and the ultra-famous players command an ardent fan following from across the globe. 

Earlier this year, Abramovich had to sell Chelsea. Things may have been a bit rocky for the team, but with a new upcoming stadium, we can say that Chelsea’s future is still bright. The same is confirmed by Forbes. 


Liverpool may not boast a viewership as high as that of Manchester, but it is still one of the most famous Premier League teams in the whole of the UK. Plus, their major comeback under Jurgen Klopp has boosted their International position. 

Jurgen Klopp

Maybe that’s the reason why the team enjoys a grand fan following of 39,000,000 people on social media. And not just that, Liverpool has also increased its valuation. According to Forbes, the Liverpool team is worth around $4.45 billion!

Manchester City

Manchester City has claimed four out of the last five Premier League titles. And this is definitely what has led them to become one of the biggest clubs. A huge part of the credit has to go to their Emirati owners. 

Pep Guardiola giving post-match interview

Maybe this is what helped Machester City T-shirts become one of the top ten most-sold T-shirts in the world. The Citizens, worth $4.25 billion, also make for the third most valuable teams in the Premier League and enjoy a ridiculous amount of fan following on their social media handles! 

Final Word

Alright, football fans! Now you know which Premier League team has the highest viewership? The answer is clearly Manchester United! But, given the ever-rising popularity and competition, it’s safe to guess that the status that United enjoys may change someday! In case that happens, which team, do you think, will enjoy the most viewership?