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Aaron Ramsdale And Hollywood Actor Will Ferrell Are At War Ahead Of Huge England-USA Game

Aaron Ramsdale And Hollywood Actor Will Ferrell Are At War Ahead Of Huge England-USA Game

One of the biggest matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022 group stages is quickly approaching us. It isn’t exactly a ‘World Cup final’ level of game, but has a lot of stakes and bragging rights stuck into it.

The game we’re talking about here is the one involving England and the US National Men’s Team (USMNT) on Friday. It’s a game that both sets of supporters want to desperately win.

There is A LOT of history involving the United States of America and England. The USA were a colonized part of the UK many centuries ago before America won its independence.

Ever since then, there is a sense of rivalry and competition between the two nations – at least in the sporting sector.

Be it any sport, neither side wants to be on the losing end. The game on Friday can be expected to be an intense, heated encounter in which the smallest of errors will be scrutinized.

Of course, there is no real hatred between the players from either side. In fact, many of the players play together at the domestic level.

Aaron Ramsdale, for one, will be indirectly playing against his Arsenal teammate Matt Turner – who will be guarding the USA goal.

Ramsdale is known for being a big fan of friendly banter and a character who is full of love. He’s just a blast to be alongside, on and off the pitch.

The Arsenal no.1 got into a bit of a ‘beef’ with American actor Will Ferrell before the big group game against the US National Men’s Team.

This comes after Ferrell was asked about how he thought the England-USA game would go on Capital radio station. He answered: “I think it’s going to be a slaughter. USA 3, England 0.”

Ferrell is well known for being one of the best comedy actors of his generation, being part of famous movies like Anchorman, Step Brothers and more.

His most famous role was Anchorman and Ramsdale decided to mock that as he shared some friendly banter with the actor with a message for him, which was displayed on the show.

Ramsdale said: “You’re a hero of mine, but when we play your nation on Friday, you’ll be the worst actor in the world. Elf will be on the shelf & it will be a little less Anchorman, more w*nkerman.”

Ferrell took it in good stride but decided to stay serious in responding to the question while fellow actor Octavia Spencer and the radio host laughed it out.

Will answered: “Aaron, you didn’t realise I know where you live & I’m delivering a bag of sh*t to your doorstep, I’m going to light it on fire & you’re going to have to stomp it out! All right, Aaron?”

Fans found this entire back-and-forth to be quality banter, which is exactly what it should be to hype up such a prominent group-stage game at the World Cup.

With England already two points ahead of the USA in Group B, the USMNT will be desperate to silence their loudmouth rivals and let Will Ferrell have the last laugh.