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Watch: Mourinho modernises Roma training sessions with drones

Watch: Mourinho modernises Roma training sessions with drones

José Mourinho is easily the top Serie A acquisition of this summer after AS Roma roped him in as their new head coach for the upcoming season.

Mourinho is often included in the conversation of the greatest managers of all time, and his track record for all of his clubs do the talking – the Portuguese manager has won at least one trophy with all the clubs that he has managed.

The self-dubbed ‘Special One’ has been in the game for a long time, and it would be fair to say that football has come a long, long way since he first took over Porto in 2002.

The modern era not only requires players to be fitter, stronger and technically more adept, but it also requires managers to be up to date with the newest drills and methods in training.

And despite being built in the old mould, Mourinho has tried his best to adapt to the modern game in his first few weeks at Roma.

Mourinho’s latest acquisition for Roma has been a drone that would help him record training sessions from a bird’s eye view.

The drone will be able to fly high above Roma’s training facility and help the head coach with solid insight from an uncharted angle in training sessions.

The drone is also fast and can track any player with ease, aiding Mourinho further in perfecting his Roma squad in training – as the Special One will try and replicate his previous success in the country over a decade ago.