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Arsenal fan loses all sense of reason on BBC 606 – and Tottenham fans love it

Arsenal fan loses all sense of reason on BBC 606 – and Tottenham fans love it

There’s always something up about Arsenal and its supporters, eh?

There is, of course, Mr DT, Arsenal Fan TV’s main man himself, who prides himself for being the main reason behind Arsene Wenger’s ignominious exit, but then even he has some modicum of sanity about him.

It isn’t like he doesn’t give a few players their due credit, sometimes even giving the team some grudging praise. He’s quite harmless, really.

The man we’re talking about today is far from it.

Listeners tuning into the BBC’s Premier League radio, the 606, were in for a highly entertaining evening as fan favourite “Tom” was brought on air to talk to the presenters.

Tom, as avid listeners would remember, became quite famous for his pre-season prediction that the Gunners would “top the league”, and on the second of February, he had some more drivel in store for us.

First, the female presenter asks him about how he thinks his team is going about. The man, of course, says he has a very bold prediction.

What is it, you might ask? That arsenal, in the face of a near unstoppable Liverpool and a still relatively strong Manchester City, will actually go on to win the title!

And this isn’t even the kicker. He goes on to talk about how Jose Mourinho, admittedly past his prime, is now going to lose the plot and how Arsenal is going to outshine its London rivals.

Which would have been palatable, atleast, were it not for the fact that Tottenham had just brought about a fantastic 2-0 win against City while the Gunners just about managed a draw against fellow mid table side Burnley! Mate, are you on something?!

The male presenter could not resist making a jibe at this point, questioning the veracity of their title ambitions and pointing out how they were a full forty two points behind Liverpool, and five behind flipping Sheffield United!

But of course, the man had lost all reason by then. He was, by that point of time, muttering incoherently about “Arteta being a driving force” and “kicking on in the next season, certainly a title”.

Check out the reaction from Spurs fans below –