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Look: Bukayo Saka Dons Wenger Style Long Coat After Arsenal Win

Look: Bukayo Saka Dons Wenger Style Long Coat After Arsenal Win

If there’s a word apt enough to encapsulate Arsene Wenger as an individual, it is ‘pioneer’.

The Frenchman notably brought free-flowing football to English shores, which helped transcend the Premier League into what it is today.

He also introduced dietary rules and restrictions for all his players, a practice which has now become commonplace throughout World football.

The Frenchman didn’t just swap in possession-orientated play in place of that period’s typical rough-hosiery, but he also won titles with it, in splendid fashion as well.

The 72-year-old impacted the game in various other significant areas, but the topic we’re concerned with today is the drip.

Arsene Wenger is a fashion pioneer.

Don’t believe us? Try and find another Premier League gaffer from that era who rocked an absurdly long trench coat, featuring a notoriously unreliable zipper.

We all laughed and giggled at our television screens when the lanky Frenchman relentlessly pulled on his zipper.

But now, years later, and perhaps with a dose of revisionism for an era gone by, we have to say. The fit went hard.

Wenger usually looked as cold in it as the chilly London weather he was attempting to tackle. And we’re glad to report that the tradition is still alive.

Gooners online collectively rejoiced as pictures emerged of Arsenal youngster Bukayo Saka sporting a Wenger-esque trench coat alongside his fellow teammates.

The images came after Arsenal’s European trip to FK Bodo/Glimt.

Hosted inside the Aspmyra Stadion, the venue is located within the Arctic Circle, and naturally, temperatures were freezing.

To contend with the cold, Arsenal packed up plenty of these wonky-looking Trench coats, including the one sported by Saka.

The game ended in a 1-0 victory for the visitors, with the 21-year-old scoring the solitary goal.

While his performance on the night would’ve been enough to put a smile on Wenger’s face, seeing him don the coat would’ve simply been delightful for the Frenchman.