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Bukayo Saka Embodies British Heritage with 2024 Burberry Jacket

Bukayo Saka Embodies British Heritage with 2024 Burberry Jacket

Bukayo Saka dropped the football kits for a fashionable Burberry shearling coat as he attended a star-studded London Fashion Week at an open-air Victoria’s Park on Tuesday (February 20).

The Englishman is enjoying a superb run of form, having scored four goals in the last two Premier League games and spearheading Arsenal’s title charge alongside Manchester City and Liverpool.

Having already had a glittering career which has seen him win the England Men’s and Arsenal Player of the Year award twice, Bukayo is among the most recognized sportspersons in England

But in a cold London night, Saka represented Burberry in a slick manner!

Bukayo Saka Dons Burberry Shearling Jacket

For those unknowing, Saka is a brand ambassador for Burberry and has modeled quite a few attires for them in the past.

In an effort to help their new autumn collection get more popularity, Burberry were able to get Saka to debut their new light brown/dark yellow shearling coat/jacket – which helped keep him safe from the cold and also do a little publicity for them as well.

The jacket worn by Saka is actually a brand new one which is part of Burberry’s Autumn 2024 collection.

The new range pays homage to Britain’s outdoor heritage and features a blend of contemporary and classic elements.

Bukayo Saka and Martin Odegaard at London Fashion Week
Bukayo Saka and Martin Odegaard at London Fashion Week. Photo Credit: Dave Bennett/Getty Images

The Arsenal star has received a lot of praise for being able to carry off this bulky coat with ease and be the perfect model to help this design get more traction at the London Fashion Week show.

Can You Buy This Burberry Shearling Coat?

Of course, considering how warm and attractive the coat looks, one cannot be faulted for being tempted to try and buy it.

Unfortunately, despite the new collection line being readily available to preview on their website, Burberry have not yet made this available for the general public and only debuted this design in the London Fashion Week.

Saka’s favorite

Saka was also all praise for Burberry designer Daniel Lee, who is the mastermind behind this brand new clothing line.

He was especially impressed with the new trenchcoat collection, one he didn’t get to wear to the show, and also had nice things to say about his association with Burberry, saying: “It has to be the trench! I love the way Daniel’s made the [Burberry] blue; he’s done it in red as well. And all the bits that he’s done to expand the range are great – the scarves are particularly nice, for example.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Burberry. It’s been a fun partnership – I enjoy experimenting with my style and I love the fact that they have the London link, with both of us being born out of London. The way [Lee] has come in and changed a few things means I find myself going into stores and buying things as well. He’s doing really well for the brand.”

An alternative

The attires that Saka is praising might not be available in online stores yet, but knowing how Burberry is a luxury fashion brand, it won’t be cheap either.

A relatively ‘older’ model of a Burberry shearling coat costs around $5900 in stores like Mr Porter, so one can only imagine that the Autumn 2024 collection attires will be much more expensive.