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All About the Tottenham Drill Top with Audere Est Facere Smiley Face at the Back

All About the Tottenham Drill Top with Audere Est Facere Smiley Face at the Back

Tottenham Hotspur are enjoying an eventful first season under Ange Postecoglou, who has transformed them into a truly exciting attacking unit that has earned a lot of praise for their courage and playing style. They are entertaining fans all around the world, including their large supporter base in the United States of America.

Indeed, Tottenham are actually among the most popular Premier League clubs in the USA. In fact, a poll from NBC in 2013 indicated that Tottenham were the most popular club in the country – at least at that time. It’s not surprising that before the Emmy-winning hit series, NBC Sports did a few mockumentaries showcasing Ted Lasso as the Tottenham Hotspur manager – knowing that it’d attract the attention of their fans.

Well, it seems that Nike might’ve actually come up with an early present for the USA Spurs fans with a fashionable piece of merch released out of the blue.

What New Tottenham Hotspur Merch Has Been Seen In the USA?

Tottenham Hotspur have, obviously, released all their 2023/24 season’s kits worldwide for all their fans to get their hands on – but it seems that Nike created some new merchandise which has initially been rolled out only in parts of the USA.

Recently, a supporter unveiled a brand new Spurs Nike Drill top that was on sale in a store in Florida, USA. The drill top is not something that was even leaked beforehand and it seems that Nike discreetly managed to roll it out without any online leaks or anything.

This is a grey drill top which can be used to protect from the cold weather and outdoor training exercise sessions too. The drill top is grey but has interesting black color patterns and shapes designed all over it – with the Spurs and Nike logos being inscribed in white. Moreover, there are ‘Spurs Spurs Spurs’ words inscribed into the front of the top too.

But that doesn’t end it because an interesting bit of design is also made on the back of the top. There is a huge smiley face in a white colour imprinted onto the back along with the Latin words ‘Audere Est Facere’ – which basically translates to ‘to dare is to do’ – which is the club’s official motto as well.

This drill top definitely stands out among anything similar released by Nike so far for the Lilywhites and has really caught the attention of Spurs supporters on social media, with most being bamboozled by how gorgeous it looks.

Is The Tottenham Drill Top Available Outside Of The US?

For the time being, it appears that this new Tottenham Drill Top is only available in selected retail stores in the USA. That is because the Lilywhites have not exactly promoted it on their social media nor has Nike started any marketing campaign over it either.

Neither the Tottenham Hotspur nor the Nike online stores have this piece of attire available for any region across the globe. The only t-shirt that appears to be available around the ‘Audere Est Facere’ motto of the club is a white Tottenham t-shirt (priced at $28) with the motto printed in the middle – and there is no Nike logo in it either.

There are different kinds of drill tops available on the Spurs and Nike websites for the fans to purchase, priced at around the region of $75 to $85.But this unique grey attire is still not available to purchase for fans outside the US, or even those in the USA who would want to purchase it online.

Perhaps Nike and Tottenham are waiting further into the season to release this and for their current drill top designs to be sold out before rolling this one out. Going by the reactions, however, it seems like this grey drill top can sell like hotcakes among their faithful.