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Real Reason Fans Think Erling Haaland is Ruining His Hairline

Real Reason Fans Think Erling Haaland is Ruining His Hairline

Manchester City star Erling Haaland has been pretty conscious about taking care of his looks during his meteoric rise in recent years and is someone who loves to alter his hairstyle every now and then.

Haaland is blessed with perfectly silky hair which almost pays homage to his Viking roots. The son of ex-Manchester City star Alfe-Inge Haaland, Erling has definitely gotten the best traits from his parents’ genetics and has taken real good care of his appearance too.

Over the last few years, the Norwegian forward has debuted multiple different variations of his hairstyles. For one, he kept a relatively shorter and simple appearance during his early years at Norwegian side Molde and when he initially joined Borussia Dortmund back in 2020.

But as fame caught up to him, Haaland decided to let his hair grow in an effort to stand out from the rest of his peers. Slowly, he developed a luscious lengthy hairstyle and has kept on trying to change things up with that.

In fact, the Norwegian striker seems to be quite protective and proud of his long hair. Upon joining the Cityzens back in 2022 from Dortmund, one fan tried to urge him to cut down his long hair and Haaland simply replied on Instagram by saying: “No I don’t need a haircut”.

When it comes to his looks, the striker once said: “I’m 196cm tall and have got long blonde hair so wherever I go people are going to see me. So that’s how my life is. What can I do?”

Normally during matches, Haaland prefers to tie up his hair with the use of rubber band to ensure that it doesn’t end up impairing his vision in key moments.

Earlier in the 2023/24 season, Haaland even drew comparisons to Margot Robbie’s Barbie after being pictured flaunting his looks before a Champions League match. But it appears that since then, it appears that his hairline has started losing its ‘perfection’ and some feel that the striker might be suffering from a case of receding hairline.

Does Erling Haaland Have A Receding Hairline?

Over the last year or so, there have been ‘theories’ developed that Haaland might actually be ruining his hair with his decision to tie it up during matches or training sessions. TikToker ‘HairCareKing’ described the possible reason behind Haaland’s hairline receding due to the pressure his hair is forced to take every time he takes massive leap steps while running during matches or training.

The Tiktoker claims that because Haaland is basically running every day with his hair up, more and more sweat starts compounding on his hairline and the jerking of the hair every time the striker runs is causing it harm.

A major comparison is made when Haaland used to keep shorter hair which wasn’t tied up all the time with his current appearance – which shows how his hair on the corners of his skulls have started to thin. The ‘specialist’ claims that it’s wrong to constantly keep the hair tied upwards when exercising or training as it can cause major tension or strain to a hairline.

A few pictures released of the Norwegian forward showing a close-up view of the side of his face and how his hairline looks from an alternate angle have also caused some on Football Twitter to form this theory that the Manchester City forward might actually be suffering very early signs of potential male balding.

Receding hairline normally refers to the loss or thinning of hair on the scalp. In Haaland’s case, some have noticed that this might be happening on the side of his scalp rather than the top or temple, where the issue normally persists for a male.

How Haaland Can Fix His Receding Hairline

It’s not like Haaland has suddenly started showing serious signs of going bald. However, some recent snaps have indicated that he might be suffering from a case of hair loss in the corners of his skull, which could start to be an early sign of trouble.

Normally, the cases for a receding hairline is increased for men after they are past their 30s. A lot of factors cause this, such as stress and even the hormonal changes in a body, but for a young world class athlete like Haaland to show early signs of this disease is why some have started worrying for him.

Well, if Haaland is actually suffering from early signs of this problem, there are ways for him to fix it before it starts affecting his entire hairstyle. In the UK, there are many treatments to fix this in the form of receding hair transplants – which could cost up to £10,000 and also an extra £2,000 in grafts.

Considering that Haaland earns over £19 million-a-year at Manchester City, that is like loose change for him. However, as the fans seem to indicate, he should look into perhaps seeing a specialist about his hairline once before being possibly forced to shave off his long hairstyle and keep a shorter crew cut for the rest of his life.